Light And Fragrant EOS Lip Balm

EOS features several flavors of lip balm that make my lips soft and smooth. They also appear a bit plump after I apply the balm. Products from the company are made with natural ingredients, such as shea butter and jojoba oil. The lip balm gently rolls on, and the flavor is mesmerizing. Capture further details here on

Vanilla Mint is a flavor that I enjoy because it’s not heavily scented. It has a light aroma of vanilla at first, followed by the mint. The lip balm can be compared to a peppermint patty without the chocolate. Some of the lip products I’ve used with mint have burned my lips because they are so strong, but I haven’t experienced that with EOS.

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Another favorite flavor is Coconut Milk. It’s not a scent that I’ve seen very often until I started using EOS. Coconut Milk is like being in paradise every time I wear the lip balm. It has notes of coconut shavings blended with milk and a hint of vanilla. I enjoy this scent when I go to the beach because it seems to blend well with the tropical feeling in the air and the other tropical scents that I smell. EOS products protect my lips from getting burned while I’m outside, which is another reason I enjoy the line of lip balms.

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A New World of Lip Balm Flavors From EOS

EOS has forever redefined lip balm. Not only are the flavors original and astonishing, you never need to worry about harmful ingredients inside of their products. All products are tested and approved. EOS creates beauty products that are top of the line and unlike any other product you’ve tried. Many other products that are on the market right now use ingredients that could be harmful to some consumers and animals alike. EOS uses ingredients that are hypoallergenic, gluten-free, and dermatologist-tested.

EOS lip balms range anywhere from organic to visibly soft to shimmery, all unique in their own way. Not only is the consistency different from other products, the flavors are incomparable.

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When thinking of lip balm, no one could imagine the immense number of flavors available, until EOS created their products. In the organic line of lip balms, there are various assorted flavors to choose from. The flavors of the Organic Smooth Sphere include Passion Fruit, Strawberry Sorbet, Blueberry Acai, Summer Fruit, and Sweet Mint. All the flavors stated taste exactly as they sound, rich, with clear indications of fruit, herbs, and spices. Shop here

Not only did EOS redefine organic lip balm, they added a line that makes your lips visibly soft. This line includes flavors such as Coconut Milk, Vanilla Mint, and Blackberry Nectar.

With EOS lip balms, you can rest assured knowing that you are using a safe, tasteful, and original product. Buy here at

OCC Crew Team Looking for Another National Championship

The Orange Coast College (OCC) crew team is once again going up against nationally-ranked four-year universities in the 2017 National Tournament.

The tournament, held this year in Lake Lanier, GA, is not the first time that the small college has gone up against bigger names. But in this history laden-sport, they have definitely earned their nickname “Giant Killer.”

Since the program started sixty years ago, the Orange College Coast has won 11 National Titles. Last year was their most recent, and now they are looking to repeat or better their previous win. They will go up against nearly 40 other schools, some of which have four-year universities with twice the training schedules of the 2-year community college, and some of which have students who are older, more experienced.

To compete, the crews must row their boats across 2,000 meters in the water in about six minutes. It is a grueling sport, and many oarsmen are near collapse by the finish line. But for those who have discovered and fallen in love with the sport, it is worth every blister and callous. Learn more about Orange Coast College:

Team captain Daniel Amado, 22, rowed in high school, but hurt his back and only returned to his beloved sport this season.

John Kinnear is a 19-year old varsity rower named the school’s “outstanding oarsman of the year.” He was drawn to the sport because he wanted the challenge of going up against bigger schools, and the joy that comes from working together in a team. A successful crew team rows in perfect unison, as even the slightest variations in the strokes can slow a boat down and cost them victory. Read more: Orange Coast College | Niche

Inside the OCC boathouse, neatly stacked boats, some worth as much as 55,000 dollars, reflect the commitment to excellence that the team demands. Red and white title flags hang proudly from the walls, and reflect the storied victories that the college has won over the decades. Many students have gone on to world championships and the Olympics, and many more hope to join them.

Orange Coast College was founded in 1947 and classes began the following year. They have one of the USA’s largest nautical programs and it is known as a top ranked Orange County community college.

Many of the students enrolled at the program go on to graduate from the University of California and California State University systems, and another half are enrolled in the technical programs.

Tammy Mazzocco Produces Real Estate Results

Tammy Mazzocco has become one of the most respected real estate agents in Ohio. She bases her operations out of Pickerington City and focuses on Licking, Franklin, Delaware and Fairfield counties. She has been a licensed real estate agent since 1995, but she began her career years before that when she worked as a secretary for the Edwards Realty Company.

At Edwards Realty, Tammy Mazzocco worked in a nine-person office under the guidance of Mike Zelnik, who managed the company. This is where she first began to develop her skill and work ethic in the real estate profession. After that, she worked for seven years in condominium management for Scotland Yard Condominiums. Ken Cook, the manager of Scotland Yard, was the person who encouraged Tammy Mazzocco to become a real estate agent, and he was essential in teaching her while still early in her career. She then went to work for T&R Properties as a site manager for two apartment complexes and a business building complex. In 1998 she went to work for RE/MAX Realty. At RE/MAX, she became the personal assistant to the top producer, Joe Armeni, in Columbus. In the year 2000 Tammy Mazzocco joined the RE/MAX team in Pickerington where she, herself, has now become a top producer.

According to Blog Webpedia, the real estate market in Central Ohio has been on fire during the last few years, surpassing the real estate boom in the country as a whole. Home prices in the area have increased by over eight percent from this time last year. This year home prices are increasing at the amazing rate of one percent each month. Tammy Mazzocco has been witness to this market explosion, and she can help both buyers and sellers take advantage of the current dynamics.

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Travelling Vineyard Direct Selling

     Napa is one of the well-known places in the world. Napa Valley is considered to produce some of the world’s best wine. Napa Valley is a connoisseur’s paradise, inviting guests to delve into the region’s signature Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay. Buttery Chardonnays, Full-bodied Cabernets, and fruity Merlots are just a few of the many varieties presented by the 400-plus wineries that pepper these fertile soils. There are more than 400 wineries in the fertile soils of Napa Valley. Napa Valley‘s prized Cabernet Sauvignon is regarded as one of the world’s top viticulturist regions. Visitors quickly discover the good wine in this place, but this Is only the beginning. There are lavish resorts, modern hotels which offer charming beds and breakfast among other services to their clients. You will also find top restaurants with top rated chefs who work with farmers who tend to this land.

How it Works

     Travelling Vineyard direct sales life is quite simple, and their system of training and support is also simple to join. Travelling Vineyard provides opportunities for a successful career outside of the old corporate 9-5 show. Travelling Vineyard’s exclusive wine is offered by the independent Wine Guides for free. Through such events, Guests are allowed to taste some of the finest wines before they can buy in an enjoyable day with friends or family.

     Visitors at Traveling Vineyard wine sampling occasions are enthusiastic about wine and go to various events to learn and purchase. Buyers are offered with a curated selection of boutique wines by Traveling Vineyard. The selection is made of wines that have earned a place in the most select wines in a connoisseur’s cellar.


     With the cost of wines ranging from $14-25, Travelling Vineyards wines are both unique and affordable. Due to this price, wine sampling event visitors can purchase more than one bottle for each occasion.

     The Traveling Vineyard people community is dependably at the Wine Guides’ fingertips. The online presence of Travelling Vineyard greatly supplements communication with regional leaders on a regular basis. Success stories are shared on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter by the Wine Guides. They also share their opinions on Instagram and Pinterest.

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Beneful Commercials Are Just Plain Fun!

Who doesn’t love animal commercials? For those who do the Beneful dog food commercials are are about as cute and fun as they get! Here is an example of why they are just plain fun to watch.

You Gotta Get Cute

In this one you have the dog “talking” about the new Beneful snacks that break into pieces. He explains, while you can get the smaller ones, if you want the whole bar you have to resort to some serious cuteness. You have to let the baby lay on your belly. It is adorable! and to know more.

It Doesn’t Get Any Cuter

Then there is the one with the cute toddler who dumps some Beneful dog food on the floor while sitting next to her white puppy. As the puppy gobbles up the dog food everything starts sliding around and the little girl is sitting there giggling. It is so cute watching her try to stay in one place as the puppy scrambles  food but it is going under and around her.


A boxer has a face only a mother could love but the boxer in the commercial for the Beneful Healthy Smile food is just adorable. It is fun to watch him and his owner as they interact. The expressions on the dog’s face are quite comical. Another great example of why Beneful commercials are fun to watch.

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What Exactly Is The Traveling Vineyard?

     Have you ever wondered what it was like to make money by simply talking about your favorite wine? Making an extra income in today’s world can be tough. Finding another job is also time-consuming and something you may not get to do with your spare time. With the help of the Traveling Vineyard, you can make extra money without sacrificing your precious time in life. The Traveling Vineyard is an online company that operates nationwide with Wine Guides who are people like you who sell their wine. Remember, this company only sells the most tasty and most amazingly sweet wine that gives adults the fresh taste with unique flavors. Selling their wine is a breeze because of the huge amount of flavors that they do have.

The reason why they want people like you to sell for them is because they want to be known for being a Traveling company, which is why they called themselves the, Traveling Vineyard. The company provides you with 35 percent in sales, allowing you to take home a pretty hefty part of the profit. Not only that, you have countless opportunities to make big cash by having other people selling. In other words, you can have people like your friends and family alongside yourself, and you can receive payments for everything else that they sell. There is big money in the world of this specific industry because they have so many great wine that you can easily talk about.

You make money by having wine tasting events, which the company will gladly prepare you for with brochures, marketing tools, and all the resources that you can use to get yourself out there and be seen by all the right people. With the chance to have your own website as well, you will truly love what this company can do for you. The Traveling Vineyard is by far one of the best companies in the industry, and they definitely can provide you with a great money making opportunity.

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NuoDB Efficiency Is Unmatched In Cloud Storage Performance

Many people wonder how NuoDB distinguishes itself within the competitive and highly complex world of cloud database computing. The best way to understand how this cloud computing service continues to provide excellent service to its clients, is by thinking about the most common ways data is lost. These ways include data bottlenecks, and the sharding of data when new hardware comes online. NuoDB takes great strides to eliminate these occurrences with a unique set of SQL protocols.

The elasticity of NuoDB operations is so reliable that the company’s performance has led to the coining of a new term in cloud computing. “NewSQL” refers to the ability of a computing source to accurately and evenly distribute massive amounts of information automatically. This is accomplished through relegating computing duties to many server points using a tiered messaging system that is multi-language compliant. This type of computing and data storage is so efficient that certain NuoDB systems are capable of successfully completing more than one million transactions per second. This is a phenomenally encouraging statistic for every client of NuoDB.

Adam Goldenberg Redefines the Online Fashion Industry

Adam Goldenberg, the founder and the co-CEO of TechStyle Fashion formerly named as JustFab Inc., has redefined the online fashion industry and made it more customized and functional. He along with Don Ressler made the online retail brand providing personalized shopping experience based on the buying preferences chose by its active members. The duo utilized the integration of technology and data into innovative ideas that attract a majority of the customers into the platform while the highest quality of products is assured. The firm which is founded in 2010 became one of the fastest-growing fashion brands ever by utilizing the creative mind and vision of Goldenberg.

In a recent interview with CNBC, Goldenberg confirms that the firm uses technology a lot to ensure the efficiency of the services. He says his team wanted to build an online brand and uses technology in its every aspect. Interestingly, Goldenberg claimed that he could predict the sales forecast up to 95 percent accurately using the data. Adam Goldenberg said he is excited about the changing landscape of the fashion industry and wanted to give the best experience to the customers. The subscription services of the firm are well-accepted by the customers, and it has more than 4 million customers until the date.

Read more: Video: JustFab’s CEO on what it’s like to be a unicorn | VatorNews

Though the brand originally founded as JustFab Inc., Goldenberg made a name change for the brand to TechStyle Fashion in August 2016. The rebranding was to reflect the company’s core on technology and digital commerce. “When we founded JustFab, we planned to change the way how people shop by offering trending fashion products at an astonishing value,” said Goldenberg. “We followed our vision, but during the course, the firm grew as a technology driven platform with data and personalization on The new branding reflects what the site currently offers which is fashion integrates with technology or Fashion Avenue joins Silicon Valley.”

In 2014, Adam Goldenberg helped the firm to raise $85 million funding, which mostly came from primary capital, made the total capital of the company to $250 million. Interestingly, industry sources confirmed that the move made the total valuation of the firm beyond $1 billion. Considering the complex business model the company follows, it needed more capital for its various operations and to build up additional inventory. Apart from setting up online fashion brand, Goldenberg is also known for many other fashion investments and beauty products. He is also the founder of Intelligence Beauty and Fabletics, and he is the Director of, a major beauty online brand.

Price saavy Beneful at Walmart

Walmart stores have a very large selection of Purina’s Beneful dog food. Whether you are looking for a 9 pound bag or a 40 pound bag you will have many flavors and options to chose from. The standard flavors are chicken, beef and originals and these are available in 9 pound, 15.5 pound and 40 pound. A 9 pound bag of kibble is currently priced at $5.48, a 15.5 pound bag is $13.98 and a 40 pound bag is $33.98. Walmart also carries the healthy weight product line of Beneful which is priced at $26.98 for a 31 pound bag. The Healthy weight line has the standard flavors of chicken, beef, originals and Salmon. Walmart carries a wide selection of wet dog food. You can purchase an individual 3 ounce flavor for $1.77 or a 27 canister pack for $14.98. Each flavor canister is 3 ounces. Walmart offers many rollbacks and accepts manufacturers coupons. If you do not have a coupon handy refer to Walmart lists avaialable coupons and often has ones available for Beneful.

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