Securus Technologies Reveals the Dishonest Actions of Global Tel. Link.

Securus Technologies is a renowned company that deals with communication solutions for the criminal and civil services sector. The company operates from its headquarters in Dallas, Texas and its products and services are beneficial to more than 3450 correctional facilities that have a total population of about 1.2 million inmates. The largest client base of the company is in North America. The services it offers include information management, emergency response, investigation, biometric analysis, supervising of products and services, incident management, informing the public, and inmate self-service.

Securus recently affirmed that it plans to disclose facts, findings, evidence and reports that will show how Global Tel Link (GTL) engaged in integrity violations and misconducts in the past. GTL is a provider of prison communication services, and it has been in the industry for several years. Richard Smith, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, believes that the communication solutions that businesses offers to communities, prisoners, and law enforcement organizations should be of a high quality. Meeting the needs of the customer should be prioritized so as to retain the good reputation of the industry. Securus Technologies has a plan of releasing information to the press about the illegal undertakings of GTL as a way of shaming the rogue firm.

The first information that will be published by the company to the media will have a 17-page long report (Order Number U-20784-B) that the Louisiana’s Public Service Commission wrote on the GTL’s dishonesty when it was contracted to offer services to the Louisiana Department of Correction. Investigations were conducted, and it was noted that the telephone clocks set up by GTL were adjusted to have extra 15 to 36 seconds on every call. The company also inflated the pricing of the calls whereby, it had additional costs on the regular call charges. The billing of the calls was past what the PSC could accept, and parts of the calls were billed twice. The fraudulent activities of GTL cost Louisiana taxpayers an extra 1.243 million dollars.

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How Did Wen By Chaz Work During A Recent Test?

A recent test of WEN by Chaz in showed that it is the best shampoo for people with thin hair. These people have had a lot of hard times with their thin hair because it sheds all the time, and it becomes a major problem for these people when they cannot keep up with the shedding that happens. Their hair will get very thin, and their hair will not be able to grow to a thickness that they like.
Everyone who has bought Wen by Chaz  from Amazon will notice that they can get their hair to start growing thicker, and they will see that they can do the process just like it was done in the review. The girl who did the review of the sephora endorsed brand showed that she could wash her hair with nearly no product at all, and that same girl has shown that it will be very easy for everyone who wants to change their thin hair to do so. Every person who uses this product is going to feel good about their hair, and they need to be sure that they have had a nice long look at it. They can make their hair look better, and they will even be able to style it just like the girl in the article.

The best part of this is that anyone will be able to make changes to the way they handle their hair. They will have more hair to play with, and they will be able to get their hair to grow thick so that they can have a new lease on life. It is very easy for everyone with thin hair to manage their hair, and it is important that everyone who has thin hair has given this a try so that they can be confident once again.

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IAP Worldwide Services Acquires Two Business Units

IAP Worldwide Services continues to acquire firms and business units in a move meant to grow and diversify its services. The newest acquisitions are two business units from DRS Technologies, Inc. These units are the Tactical Communications & Network Solutions (TCNS) and Aviation and Logistics Company. IAP Worldwide Services will control the operations of the two companies.

Aviation and Logistics business unit will enhance IAP’s service offering to include logistics, mission support and aircraft repair management. On the other hand, the TCNS business unit will provide IAP with the capacity to offer information technology, engineering, and communication support solutions to various corporate clients as well as the Department of Defense. By buying these business units, IAP will benefit from capabilities and talents of the units rather than spending time and money to grow in-house talent and capabilities in similar fields.

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According to the information on IAP’s website, the acquisitions will enable the firm satisfy its customer needs while at the same time doubling the firms market base. Instead of operating the units as separate entities, IAP is planning to integrate them into one unit called the Aviation & Engineering Solution. According to Doug Kitani, IAP Worldwide Services’s Chief Executive Officer, the acquired units are in line with the business model at IAP Worldwide Services. He noted that like IAP, the units focus on providing services to the federal government, organizations, and government agencies from around the world.

IAP Worldwide Services was founded in 1953 as Johnson Controls. In 2005, the name metamorphosed to Johnson Controls Worldwide Services, Inc. and finally to IAP World Services. Over its 60 years of operation, the company has provided a broad range of services to its clients. However, the company offers contingency support, technical services, logistics, and facility management services. The company has its headquarters in Cape Canaveral, Florida, and it operates in at least 20 countries.
In its early days of operation, the company was engaged in construction and running of the Cape Canaveral’s space launch complex base. This complex was the first space base in the United Stated and was used for over 2500 launches. These launches included rocket, manned shuttle, and air-breathing missiles launches.

IAP’s cutting-edge solutions and quality staff have resulted in its success. Since its inception, the company has always ensured that it enlists the services of highly qualified employees.

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Securus Technologies Introduces New Way to Communicate

Securus Technologies just announced on PR Newswire their mobile application that allows incarcerated people another way to visit with and share important moments with their families and loved ones. The application works with both Android smartphones and tablets as well as Apple iPhones, iPads and iPod’s. Families and people serving time have had few options available to them before now. Securus developed the product to help everyone. Watch the Youtube video to learn more.
The new application will give those incarcerated the chance to share in special occasions through video that they have not been able to participate in before. This application can bring families much closer together, even when they are not physically together. The app can be purchased on Google Play and the App Store. It does away with the need for tethered computers and web cameras.

Securus Technologies is a leading producer of civil and criminal justice technology solutions for the corrections department and public safety departments in the U.S. They currently service more than 3,400 agencies and over 1.2 million inmates throughout North America. They provide emergency response technology, biometric analysis, information management and monitoring products and services.

Securus provides technology for supporting investigators who need to find and analyze critical data. The tools can work with massive amounts of data, to give investigators leads and actionable intelligence. Their solutions can be used as stand-alone devices or combined with other products.

Securus has many patents developed by their engineers, technologists and designers that that help law enforcement and emergency response teams and many others. Their technology solutions are relevant and continuously evolving.

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The Benefits of Purina Beneful Dog Food

Since it’s induction in 2001, Beneful dog food has become the 4th highest grossing dog food in the United States. The company, founded by Purina, attributes their success to the rich ingredients and dedication to delivering a quality product at an affordable price for their customers. In an attempt to “humanize” their product, Beneful uses real meat. There are several different products available on Wal-Mart stores in the line.

Beneful Originals is the companies line of dry dog food. There are three options available for this particular collection. They all feature antioxidant rich nutrition provided by vegetables such as carrots, peas, and spinach. However, the main ingredient is always the meat. The originals line on offers a choice of either real beef, chicken or salmon.

The dry food line also features specialty blends for special needs. The Healthy Weight option is designed for older dogs and offers a lower calorie count to help assist in weight control. It features chicken, apples, carrots, and green beans.

The Healthy Puppy option is a calcium-rich formula designed with a DHA component to ensure healthy brain and vision development. It is loaded with real chicken, peas, and carrots.

Geared to dogs in their prime, Playful Life is designed to provide plenty of energy for dogs who love to run and play. The real beef and eggs provide tons of protein while the blueberries and spinach make sure Fido is getting his required fruits and veggies.

Beneful also offers an incredible line of wet dog foods [] known as Chopped Blends. These feature an option of beef, chicken, or salmon. They are each packed with super-foods such as tomatoes, carrots, and wild rice.

And, of course, no reputable dog food company would ever dream of leaving out delicious treats for your furry friends.

There is a reason that 95% of people who try Beneful make it their preferred choice for their dog’s food.


The Two-Day Work Week in Venezuela

There are a lot of people that love the thought of a two day work week, but it doesn’t sound like the most appealing thing for a lot of Venezuelan natives. This is an attempt to help with the water reserves.
The launch of the two day work weeks is something that may be good since Venezuela is inside of a deep recession. Gas prices are rising and factories are closing. The government is trying desperately to cut down on the energy consumption says Norka Luque. Outsiders that may be looking in are elated about the thought of a short work week, but people that are in the midst of the recession are not going to be worried about their pay checks.

The government is working is looking for a way to turn things around. This has become something that is ongoing, but according to Luque the government is trying hard to end this and the shortened work week may be a good start to a problem that seems to be so out of control.

People in this area are grateful for any opportunities to work at all because there are so many people that are already out of work in Venezuela.

The natives of the land are looking for help, and they are waiting for someone to do something. Right now they are making the most of the the two day work week.


WEN Cleansing Conditioner and Radiating Results

WEN by Chaz Dean and Magic in a Bottle

The commercials for WEN Chaz Dean ( show off stunning and full hair on beautiful women. The women in the infomercials appear to have their own magic in a bottle. They show off their hair after the use of the magical WEN conditioner. The women in the commercials simply shake their luscious hair in the wind and it radiates with healthy fullness. Can this sephora marketed product transform thin hair? Can this magic in a bottle actually fulfill their promise to offer thin hair an added fullness? The rumors about WEN Conditioner claim that even those with thin hair can enjoy a magical hair transformation if they switch to the WEN magic in a bottle. The story about WEN Chaz had been reported on

All-in-One Shampoo
WEN Cleansing Conditioners by Chaz Dean are unique and provide extraordinary results. This is a brand that does offer exceptional products. This customized shampoo will add a touch of magic to any hair type. WEN all-in-one shampoo does have several formulations for individual hair types. The Fig version, for example, will provide added moisture, extra bounce, and a radiating shine. There is a long list of benefits that will meet particular hair needs.

WEN Put to the Test
Wen Cleansing Conditioner was put to the test. The results were delivered, as promised, thicker fuller hair was the end result. The benefits of this product continued after use. Shiny and bouncy hair was also achieved and a voluminous head of hair with a healthy shine after the use of this amazing conditioner and all-in-one shampoo.

Discover WEN Hair Care Products
WEN products are unique and they stand out from others. You can expect your hair to be cleansed thoroughly. Enjoy nourished hair with added strength. Fuller feeling and a healthy radiance for every hair type. Select the product that is customized to fit you unique hair needs.

Emily’s WEN Experience

Emily McClure had seen tons of infomercials like many of the rest of us as well on WEN hair care products by Chaz Dean. If you are not already familiar, WEN is a hair care product line on by celebrity stylist Chaz Dean with its staple being a cleansing conditioner. The cleansing conditioner is a sulfate free alternative to shampoo, and the company boasts that it can replace your regular shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave in conditioner. Emily was curious like many other consumers and now product ravers of WEN around the world and decided to give the cleansing conditioner a try and document her experience on ebay.

Emily is a self proclaimed die hard hair fanatic who claims she has thin hair and she wanted to see if WEN products could and would transform it into thick and luscious tresses as the late night infomercials had done for the models they showed. She was aware there were also some negative reviews, but wanted to see for herself, so she purchased the WEN Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner from Sephora for $32 and got to work on her less than full mane.

She had been doing a lot of traveling and describes her hair as greasy, frizzy, and unruly before she used the WEN cleansing conditioner. She used the product as directed and noticed an almost immediate difference and improvement in the density of her hair. Her once fine, thin and shedding hair felt thicker and fuller and she noticed less strands falling out than with normal shampoo on Twitter. Her greasy and frizzy hair felt and looked more healthy, shiny, and had more bounce and she was truly happy with her first WEN experience.

She continued using the cleansing conditioner in her hair over the next couple of days on and noticed how her hair still seemed healthier and shinier than ever before and was pleased with the overall results. She added the WEN system into her hair routine and even started receiving compliments from friends who noticed the improvement in her hair.

WEN The Confident Booster

Normally the shampoo conditioner and styling gel are manufactured differently, but Wen Cleansing Conditioner is different. It has the entire 3 in one bottle easy to use after following instructions like 10- 16 pumps for short hair, 16-24 pumps for medium hair and 24-32 for long hair. WEN is an experiment that one should try to witness the magic change the cleansing product has on the hair. A lady who once practiced using the cleansing conditioner for a week couldn’t agree more that there is a significant change. Not only does it bring a shiny look and strong strands but also it prevents hair breakages. The hair becomes stronger, shinier and oilier just through a wash.
WEN cleansing conditioner is the confident booster. Definitely, even friends note how great the hair looks and how it has changed positively. The product instructions are that it is used to the amount stated not like the normal shampoo. For people interested in great hair looks and clean hair there is a need to been on the lookout for products. It is the road to the whole natural, strong hair; many have confessed the great experiencing of using the cleansing conditioner.

WEN cleansing conditioner products were founded by Chaz Dean, a famous celebrity stylist in Los Angeles. The WEN products are a proven way to give the hair a good hydration after cleaning and in addition provide room for an evolutional change in the nature and texture of the hair. Chaz Dean has over time produces new products at his salon and other fashion shows. His products are available on Ebay and have been a great inspiration on women and global stylists. He has been a popular designer in Hollywood and also a guy who is always at ease while handling all his clients. His WEN cleansing conditioner particularly has been greatly adopted by many celebrities among other people and facilitated achievement of the hair of their dreams. For more info about WEN visit

Qnet and their HomePure Challenge

Contrary to what its name may suggest, QNet is not a software product company. Instead, it is one of the highest selling Asian companies of everything from personal products to luxury goods. It is also known as one of the rare companies which acknowledges that their greatest assets are their customers. As a result, they do their best to work with a service rather than a profit mentality. QNet also makes it a point to help celebrate cultural and racial diversity. They do their best to adopt and apply Ghandi’s principles to their work.

QNet’s core values are care, service and integrity. They are dedicated to being upright and promoting their good character through their work and service. RYTHM is an acronym for Raise Yourself to Help Mankind. Their business is an entrepreneurial one with self-care products. Their vision remains nothing less or more than setting an example for other businesses and for the world at large.

According to a recent blog of theirs on RYTHM Foundation, they are currently helping HomePure’s (QNet sells their water filters and purifiers) Positive Thoughts Project. Their challenge was to receive at least 500 posts during the next two weeks after the project’s launch, which would allow them to donate a HomePure RED to Taarana, their sponsering school for children with learning disabilities. The second challenge was to receive the same amount of posts for another two weeks in order to donate a second RED to a center for the disabled in the United Arab Emirates called the Rashid Center.