The extensive Work History of Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos has a long career history working as a top manager in leading companies like Amway, Orlando Magic Basketball Team, and The Windquest group. During his tenure in the companies, he delivered an exemplary performance in all responsibilities accorded to him. Some of his remarkable accomplishments include the growth of revenue and restructuring companies to generate more revenue.

Dick DeVos Career History
His first leadership role started in 1991 when he bought Orlando Magic, a basketball Franchise that was acquired from the National Basketball Association. Dick DeVos served as the president and CEO of Orlando Magic starting 1991 to the year 1993. During his management tenure in the team, he was known to be a passionate, intelligent, and community-conscious individual.

Dick DeVos moved in from Orlando Magic in 1993 to serve as the president of Amway. He was accorded duties of overseeing the company’s operations in fifty States and six continents. Under his leadership, the company recorded an increase in sales to reach $4.5 billion. Previously, Dick DeVos served as the vice president in Amway before being promoted. During his tenure as a vice president, he was liable for the company’s operations in eighteen countries located outside North America. The company expanded its international market and saw a significant growth in international sales. The sales even exceeded those recorded by the company within North America. He later led the company in transforming its structure into a new corporation that was named Alticor. The transformation was an aim to grow the company’s revenue and keep it financially stable.

The WindQuest group is a private business organization that specialized in services revolving around technology and manufacturing. During Dick DeVos tenure, the company started a project of reusing waste heat to generate electricity. This move helped make the organization’s activities both economically sustainable and environmentally friendly. Additionally, The Windquest Group was able to save the costs of electricity.

Besides being a business leader, DeVos has been an active philanthropy reformist in many community organizations. He established Education Freedom Fund organization that awarded scholarships to children from needy families in Michigan. He also founded Michigan Aviation Academy, a school that provides education focused on aviation. He boasts of an extensive experience gained through activism and management roles. His long career has also enabled him to develop strong skills in marketing strategy, strategic planning, customer service, politics, fundraising, leadership development and business development.

Andy Wirth Is Taking His Love of Nature to the People Who Need It

Nature can be awe inspiring. In fact, if most people were asked to come up with an example of immense majesty than it’s certain most of them would reach to an example from the natural world. Huge mountains, flowing hills, and beautiful lakes or oceans all inspire in different ways.

But there’s an undeniable truth about what seeing them can do for the human spirit. It simply breathes a kind of life and vitality into a person’s spirit which is hard to describe. But once it’s been felt a person will often find himself wanting to help others enjoy the experience as well.

But not a lot of people make a career out of that desire. Andy Wirth is someone whose love of nature is so great that he’s actually been able to.  Learn more about Andy Wirth:

There’s two main parts of his professional life which have sprung from his love of nature in his personal life. The first is the fact that he’s the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski. Simply holding such a position is suggestive of a deep love of nature.

But the reality can be seen in how he runs the property. He’s taken a huge amount of care and consideration in ensuring that the area’s natural beauty remains undisturbed.

And he’s also constantly working to create the best possible experience for visitors. For example, a recent victory has come in the form of a long desired gondola system which stretches between Squaw Valley Ski and Alpine Meadows. It’s the result of careful and considered negation and planning that’s headed by Wirth in order to connect all of the wonderful natural attractions in the area.

This intense love and respect for nature might also be why he’s received his latest title. Andy Wirth is now the chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. The position is well suited to him, to say the least. One of the main duties involved with it involves helping to promote the natural beauty of the area. And in doing so to also show people just how easy it is to use the existing infrastructure to hop on a plane and vacation in the area.

Given Andy Wirth‘s love of nature as both a personal and professional manner it’s easy to see why he’s such a perfect match for the position. After all, he’s also often known as the skydiving CEO. He’s looked for and found almost every type of natural adventure one can imagine. And he’s one of those people who loves to help others do the same.

The Benefits of Working Alongside an SEC Whistleblower Attorney

Something happened in 2010 that will forever change the way illegal security activities are handled at the workplace. When Congress enacted the Protection Act of 2010, if gave employees the ability to be able to come out from under the heavy thumb of employers who threatened job security if they exposed these illegal practices to the authorities. The SEC not only gave these employees a safe harbor to report these employers, the financial rewards really put everyone involved on notice. No long was harassment a tool the employer could use to keep employees quiet.

With the backing of the Securities and Exchange Commission, all whistleblowers were able to come out and expose their employers if any securities fraud was being committed. The pressure was now firmly placed on the back of the employer because not only were they afraid of being exposed, the new financial rewards being offered to whistleblowers made it a much easier decision to being kept quiet. The SEC was attacking these criminals from both ends, keeping the pressure on them from their own employees while not knowing who was actually doing the reporting because it was now able to be conducted completely anonymously.

One of the local law firms that took the lead in the charge against security fraud and the rights of whistleblowers was Labaton Sucharow. The Whistleblower Representation Practice was big business now, and this law firm dedicated their company to bringing employers to trial for fraud concerning securities. In the end, every trader loses when a company or employer is committing security fraud, so this law firm set aside unlimited resources by way of financial analysts, investigators, and experienced forensic accountants to aid those who have been held down about breaking free and reporting wrongdoing.

Now employers are fearful they will be exposed because whistleblowers are being offered as much as 10-30% of any money recovered as a reward. The SEC pays these eligible employees who take a stand against their employer, and this spells big trouble for companies who have worked in the shadows conducting their illegal activities. That reward can be substantial, enough for the employee to easily put their job at risk for coming clean concerning individuals at the job conducting security fraud.

The Dodd-Frank Act now allows employees to bring these allegations of fraud to light while remaining completely anonymous, and prohibits retaliation by the employer against these whistleblowers.

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Madison Street Capital Handles Valuation Duties

Investment banking firms perform a number of different tasks and responsibilities. Clients who work with these firms might not be able to handle certain duties in-house. Therefore, they must rely on the investment banking firm’s background and expertise to ensure things are done right. Valuation is one of those tasks a business may take to an investment banking firm.

Valuation refers to determining what the actual value of something is. It may seem surprising that a business does not now its full value. In truth, the company may know its profitability and various other equities create value, but a proper market net worth figure may be elusive. In other words, the owners and/or board of directors of a business may have a ballpark figure of the value. Ballpark figures do not cut it when putting a business up for sale.

Underselling the value of a business is absolutely not a good thing. Millions of dollars could end up being lost in the sale. Putting too high of a price and sticking to the price might lead to the business staying on the market far longer than necessary. Money and opportunity costs are both incurred by the sale.

Valuation takes many things into consideration. In addition to examining debts and assets, the brand name and reputation of the business is examined. So would the current market landscape for a particular sale. Again, far more goes into the valuation process than people realize. This is why firms such as Madison Street Capital are effective.

Madison Street Capital is a Chicago-based firm that handles valuation among other duties. Mergers and acquisitions and corporate advisory are examples of those other duties. The firm has served in executive advisory capacities to high-profile companies. Past endeavors have set a course to continue an expansion into various facets of the financial industry.

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Bad Reviews Are The Bane Of The Hotel Industry

The hotel industry is an incredibly competitive one, which is why online reputation management matters. In the late 1990’s, review sites started to emerge that were intended to provide consumers with insights into whether or not products and services were worth the investment. Movie reviews moved over to accommodate reviews of hotels and more. The arrival of online venues publishing hotels was extremely beneficial to travelers. No one wants to see a vacation ruined due to booking a stay in a terrible hotel. By reading online reviews, avoiding less-than-desirable accommodations becomes possible.
TripAdvisor points out the hospitality industry is much impacted by online reviews. There are three factors that tie into a hotel’s ability to do well in a competitive market. Online reviews are among those three.

The obvious hurdle that hotels have to deal with is not all published reviews are fair. Some may even be from dubious sources. A person who had one bad experience could very well write several bad reviews. The sites that host the reviews may not have means in place to prevent someone from doing such a thing. As a result, a hotel that provides excellent service ends up having to play defense due to bad reviews.

Playing defense may come in the form of hiring a reputation management firm to counterbalance the bad reviews that were published. A few bad reviews are more than enough to chase hundreds of customers away. Those customers may be taking $100+ dollars per day in hotel bookings with them.

Good reviews also have benefits beyond just drawing in customers. A series of good reviews allow hotels to increase their prices. People are willing to pay for quality. A hotel that has a four-and-a-half star average rating should be able to charge prices accordingly. When malicious bad reviews drag the ratings down, pricing may suffer.

Reputation management may include generating more positive reviews from satisfied customers. This is one way the terrible – and unfair – reviews may be diminished. Whatever steps people in the hotel industry take, they should do so quickly. Bad reviews that continue to fester do nothing but cause problems.


Protect your retirement and live healthier with The Midas Legacy

Everyone should be able to enjoy their retirement. You can save for your retirement, but you are going to have to protect it. You can live a better life with better health. You can get that help and guidance from the Midas Legacy on

The Midas Legacy has one goal, and that is to help you achieve the dream of retiring early with great health, naturally. They are able to help you do this by offering capital to you to help others in the areas of real estate, finance, entrepreneurship, and natural health.

How is gets started is simple. You consult with the company about your goals and dreams for the future, and they help you become a member. When this happens, you will receive a free guide called The Midas Code. You then will be directed into certain business sectors with the guidance of their experts.

Sean Bower, Jim Samson, and Mark Edwards are just three of the vast stable of experts within the group. They have experts in fields such as finance, the stock market, real estate, and more.

Sean Bower is an author who has written numerous financial articles. He knows how financial markets drive the economy, and has written numerous articles on wealth management on The Midas Legacy website.

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Jim Samson is entrepreneur, trading expert and real estate expert. He has almost two decades in the real estate business. He is also a best-selling author.

Mark Edwards is the one that the drug companies don’t want you to know about since he is a natural health cure expert on He will be able to advise members on how to achieve a healthier lifestyle a natural way, and not with prescription drugs.

The Midas Legacy is a great contributor to charities in the area. They give generously to the Salvation Army, the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and many more.

The Midas Legacy wants to leave a legacy of giving to those who are able and have the desire to help others in certain areas of business. You are able to achieve much in life, and the future is bright with the help of The Midas Legacy.

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Securus Technologies Reveals the Dishonest Actions of Global Tel. Link.

Securus Technologies is a renowned company that deals with communication solutions for the criminal and civil services sector. The company operates from its headquarters in Dallas, Texas and its products and services are beneficial to more than 3450 correctional facilities that have a total population of about 1.2 million inmates. The largest client base of the company is in North America. The services it offers include information management, emergency response, investigation, biometric analysis, supervising of products and services, incident management, informing the public, and inmate self-service.

Securus recently affirmed that it plans to disclose facts, findings, evidence and reports that will show how Global Tel Link (GTL) engaged in integrity violations and misconducts in the past. GTL is a provider of prison communication services, and it has been in the industry for several years. Richard Smith, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, believes that the communication solutions that businesses offers to communities, prisoners, and law enforcement organizations should be of a high quality. Meeting the needs of the customer should be prioritized so as to retain the good reputation of the industry. Securus Technologies has a plan of releasing information to the press about the illegal undertakings of GTL as a way of shaming the rogue firm.

The first information that will be published by the company to the media will have a 17-page long report (Order Number U-20784-B) that the Louisiana’s Public Service Commission wrote on the GTL’s dishonesty when it was contracted to offer services to the Louisiana Department of Correction. Investigations were conducted, and it was noted that the telephone clocks set up by GTL were adjusted to have extra 15 to 36 seconds on every call. The company also inflated the pricing of the calls whereby, it had additional costs on the regular call charges. The billing of the calls was past what the PSC could accept, and parts of the calls were billed twice. The fraudulent activities of GTL cost Louisiana taxpayers an extra 1.243 million dollars.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

How Did Wen By Chaz Work During A Recent Test?

A recent test of WEN by Chaz in showed that it is the best shampoo for people with thin hair. These people have had a lot of hard times with their thin hair because it sheds all the time, and it becomes a major problem for these people when they cannot keep up with the shedding that happens. Their hair will get very thin, and their hair will not be able to grow to a thickness that they like.
Everyone who has bought Wen by Chaz  from Amazon will notice that they can get their hair to start growing thicker, and they will see that they can do the process just like it was done in the review. The girl who did the review of the sephora endorsed brand showed that she could wash her hair with nearly no product at all, and that same girl has shown that it will be very easy for everyone who wants to change their thin hair to do so. Every person who uses this product is going to feel good about their hair, and they need to be sure that they have had a nice long look at it. They can make their hair look better, and they will even be able to style it just like the girl in the article.

The best part of this is that anyone will be able to make changes to the way they handle their hair. They will have more hair to play with, and they will be able to get their hair to grow thick so that they can have a new lease on life. It is very easy for everyone with thin hair to manage their hair, and it is important that everyone who has thin hair has given this a try so that they can be confident once again.

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IAP Worldwide Services Acquires Two Business Units

IAP Worldwide Services continues to acquire firms and business units in a move meant to grow and diversify its services. The newest acquisitions are two business units from DRS Technologies, Inc. These units are the Tactical Communications & Network Solutions (TCNS) and Aviation and Logistics Company. IAP Worldwide Services will control the operations of the two companies.

Aviation and Logistics business unit will enhance IAP’s service offering to include logistics, mission support and aircraft repair management. On the other hand, the TCNS business unit will provide IAP with the capacity to offer information technology, engineering, and communication support solutions to various corporate clients as well as the Department of Defense. By buying these business units, IAP will benefit from capabilities and talents of the units rather than spending time and money to grow in-house talent and capabilities in similar fields.

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IAP: Home

According to the information on IAP’s website, the acquisitions will enable the firm satisfy its customer needs while at the same time doubling the firms market base. Instead of operating the units as separate entities, IAP is planning to integrate them into one unit called the Aviation & Engineering Solution. According to Doug Kitani, IAP Worldwide Services’s Chief Executive Officer, the acquired units are in line with the business model at IAP Worldwide Services. He noted that like IAP, the units focus on providing services to the federal government, organizations, and government agencies from around the world.

IAP Worldwide Services was founded in 1953 as Johnson Controls. In 2005, the name metamorphosed to Johnson Controls Worldwide Services, Inc. and finally to IAP World Services. Over its 60 years of operation, the company has provided a broad range of services to its clients. However, the company offers contingency support, technical services, logistics, and facility management services. The company has its headquarters in Cape Canaveral, Florida, and it operates in at least 20 countries.
In its early days of operation, the company was engaged in construction and running of the Cape Canaveral’s space launch complex base. This complex was the first space base in the United Stated and was used for over 2500 launches. These launches included rocket, manned shuttle, and air-breathing missiles launches.

IAP’s cutting-edge solutions and quality staff have resulted in its success. Since its inception, the company has always ensured that it enlists the services of highly qualified employees.

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Securus Technologies Introduces New Way to Communicate

Securus Technologies just announced on PR Newswire their mobile application that allows incarcerated people another way to visit with and share important moments with their families and loved ones. The application works with both Android smartphones and tablets as well as Apple iPhones, iPads and iPod’s. Families and people serving time have had few options available to them before now. Securus developed the product to help everyone. Watch the Youtube video to learn more.
The new application will give those incarcerated the chance to share in special occasions through video that they have not been able to participate in before. This application can bring families much closer together, even when they are not physically together. The app can be purchased on Google Play and the App Store. It does away with the need for tethered computers and web cameras.

Securus Technologies is a leading producer of civil and criminal justice technology solutions for the corrections department and public safety departments in the U.S. They currently service more than 3,400 agencies and over 1.2 million inmates throughout North America. They provide emergency response technology, biometric analysis, information management and monitoring products and services.

Securus provides technology for supporting investigators who need to find and analyze critical data. The tools can work with massive amounts of data, to give investigators leads and actionable intelligence. Their solutions can be used as stand-alone devices or combined with other products.

Securus has many patents developed by their engineers, technologists and designers that that help law enforcement and emergency response teams and many others. Their technology solutions are relevant and continuously evolving.

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