Purina Petcare Cares

Purina PetCare is a subsidiary of Nestle. The company began back in 2001 when Nestle purchased Ralston Purina for $10.3 billion and combined the line with its Friskies Petcare company. With the brand being actively available in over 150 countries, and twenty manufacturing plants in the United States, it’s no wonder that Purina has become a market leader and as of 2012 became the second largest food company globally and in the US.
The company has become synonymous with high standards in pet care, and the company delivers on that reputation. They not only produce high quality pet food lines like Purina News and Beneful, but also cat litter, they own Tidy Cat, and pet treats, like Waggin’ Train and T Bonz.
While the company’s main goal is producing healthy, high quality pet products, they have also gained a reputation as a company who cares and gives back. After Hurricane Charley struck in Florida in 2004, the company donated 80 tons of pet food and $100,000 to local animal shelters. The company works with and sponsors numerous pet related charities and events, such as the Beneful Dream Dog Park Program that builds dog parks that feature innovate and fun playgrounds for pets.
Purina PetCare lives by their motto to better lives of pets. They hire specialty research teams to help create and maintain the high level of quality they require in all their products. Their love of animals goes beyond just products that will help keep pets healthy and happy, they welcome them at work. The St. Louis headquarters set the record for most pets at work with 281 furry friends joining their owners for work.
The company continues to grow, constantly introducing new products and ideas to the market. In 2008 they created PurinaCare, pet health insurance. In 2013 they bought Petfinder, a pet adoption website. In 2014 they purchased Zuke’s, a pet treat production company. In April of 2014, Purina Petcare opened the first ever Cat Café in the United States.

CCMP Has Gone Through Many Changes

The global private equity firm Stephen Murray CCMP Capital began its independent operations in 2006 after a group of investors from JP Morgan Partners separated from JP Morgan Chase. The name CCMP is a reflection of the many changes the firm has gone through over the years: C – Chemical Ventures; C – Chase Capital; M – Manufacturers Hanover Capital/ JP Morgan; and P – Partners. Since its original inception in 1984, CCMP has invested over $16 billion in transactions in businesses that are in the consumer and retail, industrial, healthcare, and energy sectors. CCMP continues to manage JP Morgan Partner’s private equity portfolio and CCMP’s affiliate, Octagon Credit Investors, has over $10 billion under management in below investment grade corporate credit.

CCMP’s origins can be traced back to 1984 when Chemical Venture Partners was founded in order to handle private equity and venture capital transactions for Chemical Bank. In 1991, Chemical Bank merged with Manufacturers Hanover and Manufacturers Hanover Capital Partners merged with Chemical Venture Partners. Chemical Venture Partners changed its name to Chase Capital Partners after Chemical Bank acquired Chase Manhattan Bank in 1996. Chemical Bank dropped its name according to wallstreetjournal and kept the Chase Manhattan Bank name. In 2000, Chase Manhattan acquired JP Morgan & Co. to become JP Morgan Chase and Chase Capital Partners became JP Morgan Partners. Finally, in 2006, JP Morgan Partners was spun out of JP Morgan Chase and became CCMP.

In 2007, Stephen Murray became the CEO of CCMP. Mr. Murray had a long career with CCMP dating back to when he entered the credit analyst training program with Manufacturers Hanover in 1984 after graduating from Boston College with a degree in economics. He went through all of the different mergers that occurred until he eventually became the head of JP Morgan Partners. He was part of the group that spun out from JP Morgan Partners and co-founded CCMP. In addition to being CEO of CCMP, Mr. Murray also sat on the board of several corporations that CCMP made investments in such as Aramark, Cabela’s, and Pinnacle Foods Group among other corporations.

In March 2015, Stephen Murray passed away due to what was believed to be health related reasons. He was known for being a great investor and deal maker who left behind a legacy of success at CCMP. Greg Brenneman took over as the new President and CEO of CCMP. Mr. Murray is survived by his wife and sons.

Beneful Keeps A Dog Healthy

Dogs are wonderful creatures because they always love us unconditionally no matter what we’ve done in our lives. They wag their tails in excitement when they see us and they cover us in kisses when they’ve missed us. There are a lot of reasons as to why dogs love us so much. I think the main one is because they put all of their trust in us to care for them. When we deliver, it shows. They trust and love us even more.

It’s a bit of a scary thing to have a dog put all their trust in us. This means we are responsible for every aspect of their well-being. This includes their nutrition. We are solely responsible for how they get the food they need to grow and thrive. This can be a bit overwhelming because there are a large variety of food products out there. All of them claim to do certain things like improve a dogs health, give them more energy, etc. Not all of these are reputable and they don’t all do what they claim to do. That’s why a little research is needed. It’s usually a good idea to use a dog food that has been backed by a team of scientists and nutritionists.

A brand of food that has seen incredible success is Beneful dog food. Beneful dog food is made by those aforementioned scientists and nutritionists. The team behind this successful dog food brand is like no other. They have come up with food that is full of nutrients and wholesome ingredients. They trust this food so much they feed it to their own dogs. This food has real ingredients. Dogs do notice when they are being fed wholesome ingredients. This food will satisfy their taste buds! Beneful is great for even the pickiest eaters.

Beneful also is the choice of pet owners because it has such great benefits! Beneful helps a dogs coat to grow shiny and long. Beneful builds strong bones and improves a dogs overall health. Beneful gives a dog the energy it needs to be healthy and happy in life.

Overall, this is a dog food that does exactly what it claims to do and that’s rare to find that. Beneful has specially formulated types for each dog. They offer a type for older dogs that specifically takes care of their aging bones. They offer a type for puppies, as well. Beneful puppies helps sustains their energy and youthfulness. Beneful also has a large variety of flavors and textures. There’s chicken, lamb, beef, and so many more. A dog will surely love the variety and the owner will surely love the nutrition that their beloved pooch is getting.

The Tech Industry Influencing the New York Real Estate

New York City is one of the most populous cities in the USA within the State of New York. With this, the real estate needs of this city are high due to the number of people that live in the city. Technology is also another activity that has led to the real estate boom in the city hence influencing the landscapes of New York. The tech industry highly invests in the real estate business in New York amounting to millions of dollars annually because of the high returns seen from the commercial real estate ventures. In neighborhoods like Chelsea, Union Square, and Flatiron tech startups influence the commercial real estate demands. They have an influence on half the bids on these neighborhoods, making them to be a powerful force in the real estate industry.

Other than the rising need for residential houses, the office space needs for New Yorkers is also rising, which is an issue for HR professionals. In essence, a company has to ensure that their workplace space influences productivity and is conducive enough for these. Tech companies in New York are pushing the bracket in terms of office spaces because of their need to have open floors and loft spaces that have rooftops. With this need, they are not afraid to invest into commercial real estate because they believe that non-traditional office spaces can help increase their competitive levels.

The Garment District can be an ideal example that shows how New York’s tech boom has rapidly changed over the years. In essence, New York has for a long time been the home of fashion designers and manufacturers of fashion related items due to its ideal location and accessibility. Rent prices tend to influence the influx of these manufacturers and fashion designers into the Garment District because they are worth every penny they have to pay and Town Residential helps address these issues. The Flatiron district is another tech startups haven as reported by the Huffington Post. The area has now become the ‘Sillicon Alley’ because of the tech boom that the district has continued to experience.

With the new tenants, the boom has also influenced the building of spaces that can house restaurants, retail stores, and bars. These amenities are essential in any growing area as they help in pushing the economy of the locality. The young tech experts also need to have a place where they can call home, hence creating what they call “hot spots”, which is where Town Residential comes in. Essentially, the number of highly educated tech experts moving to New York due to the growing tech industry is high and their demands for NYC apartments for sale are also high.

The result of this is that the wave of movement influences the development of new businesses and establishments. For instance, the inhabitants of Astoria and Long Island are mostly college degree holders making their housing needs to be unique. The illustration created by this is that the tech industry developments have ripple effect that melt down to the real estate market hence shaping the new landscape of New York.

Beneful: Purina’s Next Level Dog Food

True dog lovers know that the food they give their dog makes all the difference in the world. With proper nutrition, our furry friends can enjoy a healthy, longer life and share their joy with us and our families for years to come. On the other hand, lower quality meal options and ingredients can have negative effects on dogs. That’s why Purina’s new dog food – Beneful – has excited many experts and owners around the world. It’s a unique blend that offers benefits beyond what you may find in other food.

Beneful seems to have reinvented dog food. The buzz around this new product suggests that makes eating more fun, wholesome, and nutritious with a taste that will leave dogs satisfied.

The Ingredients

Delicious ingredients are made with quality control measures in place. In fact, the technology that Purina uses with Beneful is present in every step along the way: from the plants where the food is produced, to the packaging department, all the way to the store where it is stocked and made available for you and your dog. Tracking information ensures that the food is able to be located and recalled in the (rare) event of a defective or unacceptable batch.


All too often, dog food can leave your pet feeling empty and wanting for more. This can lead to constant whining, or a lack of desire by your dog to play and show affection. Luckily, Beneful includes many types of protein depending on the variety you get. There is meat from pork, chicken, beef, and lamb, often with big chunks that dogs just seem to love.

Added Flavors

We know how strong dogs noses are, which is much more than ours. And of course smell is connected to taste. However, people rarely realize that this means a dog’s sense of taste is really strong. So flavor, and quality ingredients, is key. That’s why this dog food has carrots, rice, green beans, barley, and more. The health experts have been saying recently how important it is to eat from a wide color spectrum, and Beneful seems to honor that wisdom.

Additional Varieties

Not only do you have the option to get wet dog food, but this line is offering a version called Baked Delights. This oven-baked food has flavors like beef, peanut butter, cheese, and even bacon (and we know how much dogs love bacon).

Dog Snacks Stars are shortbread cookies that offer even more flavorful fun. And Dog Snacks Quacks even offer hickory smoke flavors.

Dog owners love to give their dogs the best when it comes to food. Balanced nutrition isn’t just important for health and longevity, but also happiness and energy levels. It’s no fun when your dog being sad and sleepy all the time and not being able to play. That’s what is so interesting about this new dog food from Purina. Beneful seems to be a product made by dog lovers for dog lovers and their dogs.

Billionaire CEO Ken Griffin Still A Hedge Fund Giant

Billionaire CEO and hedge fund manager Ken Griffin has seen a great deal of highs and a few lows during his tenure at Citadel LLC., the company he founded in 1990. The company saw some very good times during its first 18 years of existence. Things changed abruptly in 2008. Griffin saw his company on the cusp of ruin. The banking collapse proved to be the undoing of many financial corporations. Bear Stearns, Merrill Lynch, Lehman Brothers, Waucovia, Guaranty Bank and a long list of others either collapsed or were acquired by other banks. Griffin was able to hold on by the tiniest of threads and not only brought his bank back but saw it thrive.

Griffin has had a head for business since his teens. The Harvard University grad was selling stocks by his sophomore year in college. He actually made a lot of money for himself and his investors. Some thought he was a fluke. But after parlaying the $4 million he earned through investment into Citadel, investors soon found that he was the real thing. Today, Citadel manages $26 billion in portfolios. At the tender age of 46, he is one of the richest hedge fund managers in the U.S. and his company ranks in the top 10.

Although Griffin is one of the most successful financial managers, he is one of the leading voices in banking reform. He says he fails to understand why the federal government won’t put forth some real reform laws that will make a difference. Griffin was recently in the news for giving over $150 million to his alma mater. The money is to be used for financial aid, books and even housing. “I want graduates to not have to worry about debt while trying to get a job,” says Griffin.

Griffin also supports many philanthropic organizations and give generously to many educational programs, head start and veteran organizations. He serves on the board of the Chicago Zoo, the Chicago Museum of Arts and the Chicago Arts Council. “I have always had a belief in giving back to the community and supporting programs that enrich the lives of others,” says Griffin.

Griffin has never divulged his political leanings but has given money to the political campaigns of both Democrat and Republican candidates. He says he always gives to the individual who he feels will do the best job with the economy — regardless of whether it state or federal.

Key Chicago Business Leadership

Chicago is a city that is home to prominent business persons. These business people have helped Chicago and Illinois to create trending and life changing products and enabled the economic state of the town grow. Some pf these business persons are discussed below.

Shawn Baldwin, the CEO of Capital Management Group. Baldwin made history by becoming the second African American to become member of the Chicago Stock Exchange. He is one of Chicago’s most powerful business financiers. His dedication to financing businesses paid off as Capital Management Group recorded a whopping $68 billion worth of transactions in a period of four years. TV program lovers can always catch him on CNN and CNBC as he airs live his opinions about economy and capital markets. The proud father of four with his high school sweetheart loves film, fine art and comic books. When Baldwin is not busy working, he offers contribution to Forbes and Fast Company.

Jack Ablin- He is a graduate who majored in mathematics while in college but had interest in art. While in college, he was suspended for non-conformity behavior, whereby he was innocent. His career stated in college when he was tasked with an auction in New York called Sotheby’s Art Auction. Currently he has a team of associates working, and together they oversee $57 billion, continued to use art in studying the nature of man so as he can understand how people respond to different market scenarios.

Coming in third is Charles Heekin, who is a director at Oxford Financial Group Ltd. While working in Wall street and went ahead to found and register and advisory firm that offers only one service: offering investment advice. Under him are $13 billion that he manages for Oxford Financial Group Ltd.

Robert Graham, who is the managing director of UBS. Robert manages assets estimated to be $56 billion. Graham is also a member of Chicago Police Memorial Foundation and Joffrey Ballet Board. He is known to a high achiever and enjoys the feel of constant positive contribution.

Majeed Ekbal and Geoffrey Russenberg are business men whose interests are on developing real estate property. The duo grew interest in property valued over $1 billion and belonging to an Abu Dhabi ruling Sheikh. With great interest and admiration of the property, Ekbal and partner got into an agreement with the Sheikh to pay $87, 000 per month and accumulate interest of 50% to the sheikh’s account so as they could get rights of managing the luxurious property. If they acquire the property, they will have a made a game changing move in property development industry. Majeed Ekbal’s soundcloud account can be found here.

Purina Beneful, a unique food every dog will love

As one of the leading dog foods in the United States, Purina’s Beneful is loved by dogs everywhere. Packed full of healthy foods to assure health benefits for any age dog, this dog food has been scientifically tested to provide nutrients that go beyond your pets needs.

Marketed in 2001 as a canine alternative to beef stew, Purina continued to market this delightfully nutritious food as second only to that which humans consume. Even the name, Beneful meaning "full of goodness" portrays that this canine cuisine is unique in its flavor and nutritional benefits. The release of this tasty fare cumulated in one of the largest ad campaigns in dog food history. Other unique ads included a series of aromatic posters on amazon.com released in Germany in 2011 and interactive billboards in 2012. These billboards allowed people to play virtual fetch in subways in New York City and to engage the attention of passers-by, a happy canine seemed to follow begging to play. These billboards have since been installed in many cities in the United States. Purina also continues to engineer contests for the Beneful Dream Dog Park in which dog lovers submit designs for dog parks in their city for a $500,000 building prize in their town.

As one of the few dog foods made in the USA Beneful prides itself in providing 100% complete and balanced nutrition. Protein provided by real beef builds strong muscles while Carbohydrates from whole grains provide energy. This healthy food also contains Omega fatty acids and antioxidants that are necessary for a strong immune system.

Although healthy food does not always mean that your dog will love it, Purina’s Beneful great flavors are favorite with most dogs. The company maintains that a mixture of tastes and flavors within their nutritious blend provides a variety of flavors that will keep your dog eating down to the last morsel. There are also many choices of either dry, canned or moist dinners for your pet for greater variety in the diet. Many snacks are also available in this brand. One feature that many, love is the resealable packaging available that allow the container to act as a serving bowl that can then be resealed for storage. This useful package was awarded the Pack Expo Selects Award at the Showcase of Packaging Innovations in 2007.

Consequently, no matter the size or breed of dog that you own, Purina’s Beneful provides an exceptional nutritious meal that will show that you love and care for your friend. With a variety of flavors and textures that no pet can refuse, the nutritious meal will assure a clean bowl at every meal.

Kenneth Griffin is an Excellent Financial Expert and a Successful Investor

Kenneth Griffin is an industrious and talented Finance expert and terrific investor. His interest in the world of investment began during his college days at Harvard University, upon reading a Forbes magazine article. Able to balance both academics and employment responsibilities, he worked in a software development company on valuewalk.com when he was not in class. These became his turning point after realizing it will take time before his effort is realized. At the time, investment businesses were enjoying immense success in the advanced and dynamic American market hence he tried his hand in it.

Currently, Mr. Ken Griffin is the founder and CEO of Citadel LLC a global investment company based in Chicago, and experiencing immense success. Armed with a concept and $4 million, he has developed Citadel from a junior company to a mega-company managing $1 billion Investment Capital and more than 1000 employees distributed worldwide. The company’s staff comprises of University qualified and highly trained team of professionals dedicated to offering excellent financial services to its clients. He is an influential and respected man in the financial world if the numerous appearances in the Forbes 400 magazine are anything to go by. He made it to the CFO Magazine’s Global list of the most influential people finance world.

Griffin is an active philanthropist and he has generously donated to support educational institutions, and various humanitarian organizations. The Griffins and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation spearheaded the opening of Woodlawn High School, a charter school located in Chicago through financial support. Together with his wife, they launched Kenneth and Anne Griffin Foundation, which funds Chicago Heights Early Childhood Center and Children’s Memorial Hospital. Both institutions received $10 million and $16 million respectively from the foundation. Being an advocate of quality higher education, he supports needy students interested to pursue undergraduate studies at Harvard University. His $150 million donation to the University was a very generous and historic gift ever received by the University. In a gathering of leaders, staffs, alumni and students the University assigned one of its finance office Griffin’s names.

Upon graduating with a bachelor’s degree in economics, Griffin officially started his career at Chicago-based Gleenwood Partners previously based in Chicago. Here, he met Frank Meyer who ended becoming his mentor and Citadel Investor. He is an asset at Citadel performing both leadership and advisory roles. The company has established a niche in the financial field and it is composed of three specialized units. Citadel Technology offers solutions in the field of investment management technology, while Citadel Securities is the best in liquidity provision and finally Citadel manages assets for resourceful individuals, government and business corporations.

Griffin has established a name in the world of art purchases; he paid a record $60 million for Paul Cezanne’s painting. He supports cultural institutions and he is a present member of Board of Trustees for the Art Institute of Chicago, the Whitney Museum, The Museum of Contemporary Art and finally University of Chicago. In the political arena, he financially supported Mr. Bruce Rauner with a record $2.5 million to clinch Illinois’ Governors’ position. He also donated to organizations such as American Crossroads and Restore Our Future that supported Mitt Romney’s Presidential candidature.

Why Respecting Fundamental Human Rights Is Important

Human freedom is one of the fundamental rights of the constitution. Different countries have distinct types of constitutions that provide different types of rights and freedoms. As such, many people have embraced different constitutional freedoms and are living happily. Though many people embrace human rights and freedom, there are different countries that still oppress people of their rights. This has made many people to pass through different harsh conditions in the hands of governments. The increased oppression of human rights has made many people to rebel against different governments. Yeonmi Park is a 21 year old North Korean defector who suffered human rights violation during her early life. She was forced to exile when her father was arrested for selling metals to China. Due to the harsh conditions in North Korea, she left with her mother to find accommodation in China. She is a fears critic of the Korean leadership led by Kim Jong Un. Her mother taught her not to talk much let alone whistle during their stay in North Korea. But everything changed when she saw western countries encouraging children to know their rights. Here, she learned a lot of information regarding the human freedom since she saw the American parents encouraging their children to talk about their rights publicly.
This was the turning point of his life. She developed the courage and started pursuing the human rights field while criticizing the leadership of North Korea. She has advocated for increased respect for human rights as an activist through different media platforms. She reveals that during their stay in China. The living conditions were harsh and the Chinese people were very ruthless to them. Her mother was raped and they were both sold to slavery. These are the harsh conditions that dictated her change in attitude with the aim of saving other suffering North Koreans citizens. Most of the North Korean population lives below the poverty line and the military dictatorship is mostly used as a source of governance. Yeonmi Park experienced different inhuman activities while he was in North Korea and was even forced to eat grass. This necessitated her ambition of liberating the country and is now pursuing a degree in criminal justice at Dongguk University in Seoul in South Korea. She has developed a base in South Korea and has developed various initiatives to raise her campaign. She has written many books that have attracted the global limelight with many people interested to know her childhood stories. Her touching life history has made her travel across the world to address the inhuman activities affecting different people in the world.
Her increased human right activism has attracted many international media houses which are interested in broadcasting her story to the public. She has appeared in different television shows on BBC trying to explain her ordeal in North Korea. Due to her personality and her brave nature, she has also been nominated to present and act in various television shows in South Korea. She is also a media personality at the Freedom Factory Company and co-hosts different English program on the company’s television show. Yeonmi Park is a celebrated inspirational speaker across the world.