The evolution of lip balm

For the longest time women searching for lip balm would have to run through stores looking for a blank small cylinder product. This small tube has all the ingredients in the products. For a while there was only white original flavored lip balm. It did not have hardly any flavoring. Those looking to stimulate their taste buds would have to find the rare flavored options.

In recent development, EOS pastel-colored orbs holding lip balm are showing up just as often as the original lip balm products. The new hot item can be seen covering multiple shelves at various convenience stores and establishments such as Walmart, Ulta, Walgreens, and Target. Two of the hottest flavors right now are honeydew and grapefruit. There will be plenty more to come. Famous celebrities like Cyrus, Christina Aguilera, and the Kardashians are using these new EOS products.

EOS stands for Evolution of Smooth. This company is continually getting a ton of coverage in various fashion magazines. The creators of EOS lip balm stayed quite about their products until about a year ago. Fast Company has said that the company is growing and is worth over $250 million. They are the second largest lip balm supplier behind Burt’s Bees and growing fast. Burt’s Bees is just slightly ahead because the company has existed longer.

The company has been selling millions of products week to week. The years to come look very promising. It is projected that the company will be worth more than $1.5 billion over the next few years.

Mehra, co-founder of EOS, started her career watching over packaged goods for retail companies like PepsiCo and Unilever. He worked on designing the layout of the beauty isle. Mehra his partners have discussed potential options for new innovative products that will change beauty products. Expect to hear about more flavors soon.

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Start Winning With WEN!

In our over-industrious world where chemicals, UV rays and pollution permeate our hair from root to tip, we desperately seek a reprieve. Thanks to celebrity hairstylist, Chaz Dean, the world has finally found a remedy at!

This product is like no other on the market, today. Only ingredients that enhance hair are used and nothing adverse is even considered. Instead of stripping hair lifeless, WEN products nourish and revitalize, leaving it vibrant and full of life; It leaves it soft and shiny the way hair was meant to be before the world became so toxic.

Chaz has created WEN in such a way, that it stands in direct opposition to traditional shampoos and conditioners. Rather than using cheap shampoo that only strips hair of its natural oils, WEN combines a gentle cleanser and conditioner on in one to be used together. This cleanses hair delicately, and doesn’t scrape off the protective oils that are necessary for longevity.

How does Chas do it? He does it by not using abrasive and abusive detergents, including the extremely damaging chemical, sodium lauryl sulfate on He also uses all natural ingredients, and adds a variety of botanicals in the process. This clever mixture adds only goodness to hair, without causing any harm, what-so-ever.

It is important for customers to be learn the ingredients in WEN products in order to understand the difference between WEN and regular cleansing agents. For instance, the Wen Cleansing Conditioner (which is the focal point of the entire WEN line)is interwoven with ingredients derived only from nature; it is guaranteed to leave hair extremely smooth, undeniably soft and freshly buoyant. Included within the conditioner of this product are: bark from the cherry tree with glycerin to add a protective coating to the hair shaft, rosemary and chamomile for their calming effect, and panthenol for its extraordinary ability to strengthen. This all culminates in a beautiful concoction that is sure to leave your hair happier than you’ve ever seen it before.

To make the absolute most of this remarkable product on YouTube, be sure to read the directions carefully. Use the proper amount and lather completely. Leave it in for a while as you shower, then rinse. As an added bonus, you can apply a scant amount on the tips as a leave-in conditioner for a smoother, more refined look.

Stop merely “shampooing” and start winning with WEN instead! You won’t be disappointed!

Panelists Highlight Key Issues At Oregon Online Reputation Management Conference

If you run an online business, chance are you won’t be able to avoid encountering a negative online review down the road. You should not panic or just hope the review goes away. Instead, the panelists say you should turn the negative review into something constructive. Build upon the negative review by trying to fix whatever it is that lead to it in the first place. Use it as a learning experience if possible.

According to an article on, when dealing with your customers a good idea to keep in mind is to be empathetic, honest and transparent. This will ensure that customers feel like you are taking the time to listen to them and doing your best to address any problems they have had. Getting into a Twitter war with someone who has attacked your brand or posted negative reviews is a no-no according to one of the panelists. Responding once is sufficient. Don’t respond multiple times as this could make you look bad.

When asking for customer reviews don’t put an incentive on leaving positive feedback. This is actually prohibited in certain cases. It also delegitimizes your positive reviews. Steer clear of this tactic, as it has caused many a company and business their credibility and authenticity.

Another tip offered by one of the panelists for online reputation management was to combine social media and customer service. This will allow you to respond quickly not only through the phone or email but social media. Customers now want to get a response quickly and integrating social media can help you respond faster. At the very least acknowledge a complaint or issue. Have a plan in advance to deal with issues on the web is another smart idea. It will let you respond faster and waste time coming up with a response.

Panelists highlighted that they believe content is crucial on social media. They say that simply managing a person’s or company’s Facebook page is no longer sufficient. You have to create new, informative and positive content about your firm now. Businesses should also know online platforms their target base is on. Once you have determined that, you should work on developing those platforms with content and update them regularly to maintain communication with your clients.


Benefits of Using Fabletics Instead of Amazon

In today’s world, pretty much everything is done online. More people spend their time shopping online instead of shopping in malls or superstores. Because of this, Amazon has the highest amount of shoppers out there. There are more than 20% of people who shop online through Amazon for their fashion and active wear than any place else online. For this reason, it is hard for people like Kate Hudson to bring in people to try her active wear.


When you sign up for the business Fabletics, you are signing up for something that people believe in and stand behind. You will not receive just any cheap pair of workout gear but rather instead will receive items that are made with the best materials. They have a great customer service department as well. When you start the subscription to Fabletics, you will receive your first outfit for a mere $25.00. This is going to get you your first outfit as well as free shipping.


Once you have signed up for the Fabletics program, you will start to receive monthly packages with new workout or active gear inside. Now, if you still want to have more outfits, there is always the option to purchase more from the program. There is a way to also purchase items that are on sale. If you like what you get, you can either continue on with the membership or may drop the membership. If you are pleased, you might want to suggest to your friends that they try it as well.


Many consumers will tell you about their great experience with Fabletics. They talk about how comfortable the clothes are and how nice they fit their body type. There is no right body shape or wrong body shape when it comes to the clothes made by Fabletics. If you find that the outfit is not fitting you like you would like it to, you simply will call and let someone know and a refund will be issued along with a return shipping label or you can opt to have a credit issued to your account for another item that is equal to the one you are displeased with. It is really that simple.


If you decide that you no longer want to receive the clothing from Fabletics, you will simply go to their website and hit the cancel membership option. Once you have successfully opted out of the membership, your credit card will no longer be billed and you can continue on to shopping how you once did. It seems like a piece of cake right? Well, it is.

The Top 5 Wines to Enjoy During this Holiday Season

The holiday season is here with us again and this is the time when wine is simply inevitable. You will need good wine to accompany your dishes. Choosing the best wine that’s appealing to your taste and that of your guests’ can be so tricky. You don’t want to end up with bad wine on your dinner table and that’s why UK Vintners, a leading wine merchant and fine wine consultant has taken it upon themselves to help you chose the best wines for this holiday season.

UK Vintners is a fine wine consultant with many years experience in acquiring and selling the most pleasurable, illustrious and exciting wine. This wine merchant understands that people have different preferences and strives to fulfill them. There are those clients who buy wine for the pleasure they derive from drinking and there are those who collect fine wine as an investment to sell in future for a profit.

UK Vintners has extensive networks with the best wine brokers, traders and merchants to help them source quality wine from reputable wineries. They use their vast knowledge in the wine industry to help them select wine for any occasion. UK Vintners as an independent wine company and apart from supplying wine for investment and consumption, they also act as brokers for those clients who wish to stock wine and sell them. They focus in delivering top quality customer care to their clients who wish to acquire quality wine from the leading vineyards of Spain, Italy and France.

For this holiday season, this leading wine merchant believes that you deserve good wine and has sampled a variety that will appeal to your taste. Sourced from the best wineries, these wine samples will not disappoint:

  • Pichon Baron 1998 – bodied in a medium bottle, this wine has hints of sweet toasty oak, black currents and charcoal. It’s also low in acid levels and at the peak of maturity. You can enjoy this wine during the holiday season with a lot of confidence because you are assured of getting maximum satisfaction.
  • Montrose 1998 – this wine is made with merlot grapes and black cherry aromas and earthy plum. It’s from the St. Estephene region and good for this holiday season and new year party.
  • D’yquem 2009 – this wine has hints of sweet spiced pears, honey, apricot and other spices. It’s made by the prestigious Chateau d’yquem winery located in graves, France. The winery prides itself for having over 400 years experience in making wines and their wine can be perfectly paired with a Christmas dessert.
  • Beychevelle from 2008 – the wine has a shelf life of 15 years and is made by saint Jullien appellation. It’s soft and fruity with hints of raspberry and cranberry.
  • Ducru Beaucaillou – this wine is mature enough to be enjoyed during this holiday season. Made by the oldest winery in St-Jullien appellation of Bordeaux, France, it has a rich and aged flavor and a dark purple color.

Try out these wines during the holiday season with friends and family because they will make you relax and have so much fun.

Don Ressler’s Entrepreneurial Journey and Achievements

About Don Ressler
Don Ressler is a well-established entrepreneur known for his ability to spot market trends, grow businesses, and develop industry-leading brands. In fact, Don combines his unmatched passion and fun in the industry to stand out stiff competition in the world of fashion. Although Don Ressler is probably not the first person to have ever launched a fashion company, the introduction of JusFab is set to reshape fashion e-commerce.

While at Intermix, Don Ressler, an entrepreneur and specialist in brand building met then 19-year-old Intermix COO Adam Goldenberg and formed Alena Media. However, News Corp acquired Intermix in 2005 prompting the dual to explore new opportunities. In 2006, they created Intelligent Beauty, an e-commerce brand building platform. As the market leader, Intelligent Beauty established health and beauty-related brands. Riding on the success of Intelligent Beauty, Don started to conceptualize on how to develop a personalized shopping experience. As such, he merged social media interaction with affordable, cutting-edge fashion. Capitalizing on this largely under-utilized opportunity, Don Ressler adopted a policy that made online fashion engaging, fun, and highly social.

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JustFab becomes TechStyle Fashion Group

Under Ressler’s helm, Intelligent Beauty hired style consultants, designers, and developed an attractive and affordable subscription model to create a personalized shopping experience. As a result, JustFab, an online fashion retailer was formed to develop custom-tailored brands of handbags, shoes, and accessories. Don Ressler noted that JustFab not only shipped out fashionable handbags and shoes monthly but also incorporates an engaging online subscription model. JustFab uses styles boards and style consultants to demonstrate how to wear each item. At JustFab, designers and fashion experts commit to inspiring women by providing style tips. Furthermore, JustFab’s e-commerce site allows women to engage and share ideas online since fashion is an entity that evokes a response.

History of JustFab
Launched in 2010, JustFab is a subscription e-commerce fashion retailer. It brought in Kimora Lee Simmons as the head of creativity in September 2010. Within three months, JustFab’s membership had reached the targeted 4 million mark. In 2012, its membership crossed the six million mark prompting Don Ressler to raise a second round of funding that generated $76 million. Two years later, JustFab started to seek opportunities to expand its addressable market. Considering that most of its customers were parents, JustFab launched FabKids, a children fashion subscription. In 2013, JustFab acquired Fab Shoes, a European fashion e-commerce site bringing in its 500,000 members from Spain and France. By the end of 2013, JustFab’s European membership had reached 3 million.

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Importance Of Online Reputation Management

Are you looking for a reliable system that can protect your business or organization’s name? Do you want to ensure that clients and customers like what they see when they search your brand or company online? If you are concerned about your reputation, you need to look into getting expert assistance.

Reputation management has to be an important part of your brand maintenance rather than a reaction to threat. Companies and professionals should take proactive steps in ensuring that their online reputation is excellent. It is crucial to have a reliable online reputation management system to help monitor and alert you to potential attacks or threats.

With the advent of the Internet, corporate executives have to ensure that even their online identity is preserved along with their offline one. Nowadays, Online Reputation Reviews and management is very important.

Clients can talk about your company on a digital network, either through their blog or social media sites or even through your company site.

Normally speaking, your online reputation is produced and modified by exactly what you do and what everybody, including you, says. However, assumptions are not always based upon fact, yet on opinion, conjecture and also rumors.

Today, there are countless individuals surfing the web for information as well as reviews and content concerning firms, people and also locations. If you search for yourself or your business today, do you like what is presented to you?

If you did not see anything unfavorable in the search results page for your name or company, that is a good thing. On the world wide web, as in the real world, perception of an image accounts for a great deal. It becomes imperative for a businessman or a professional to have an easily visible and viable online presence.

Companies should not try to respond to reputation issues with hostility. One negative remark or derogatory comment from a consumer should not encourage the same aggression from you.

The professionals from a renowned online reputation management firm deal with every order with the main objective of fixing and developing your online reputation, and they can guide you on how to handle these issues.

The Expansion of OSI Group

OSI Group, LLC is a company that has been dealing with protein and food products. OSI has been supplying these products to foodservice company and retail brands. OSI Group has been in the market for over 60 years. OSI Group is a private corporation with over 60 facilities distributed in 16 countries. OSI Group Headquarters is located in Aurora, Illinois, USA.

Just recently, OSI Group announced it had acquired a controlling stake in Baho Food Company. Baho Food is private Dutch company that deals with manufacturing of meat products and other food-related items for the foodservice and retail food industries. Baho Food Company operates both Germany and Netherlands. It is composed of 5 subsidiaries. These subsidiaries are Gelderland Vital Convenience, Frischwaren, Henri van de Bilt, Bake Foods, and Q Smart Life.

The subsidiaries have been in operation for over 60 years. They have a great experience in food industry. They deal with deli meats, snacks, and convenience foods. They operate in 18 countries across Europe. The President and the Chief Operating Officer of OSI Group David G. McDonald said that the acquiring the five subsidiaries would broaden their presence in Europe. The products offered by the five subsidiaries compliments OSI’s current processing power, and this will help the company and ensure that they best serve the needs of their customers.

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The employees and the management team of the Baho Food Company will remain, and the only thing that will change after the transaction is the ownership of Baho Food and little changes in operation since the company will merge with a big company for a larger company. The Managing Director of Baho Food, John Balvers said that he is glad that he will be working for a bigger company together with his management team. He stated that he is also ready to create a future management plan for the company that will help the company to enhance efficiency in product delivery.

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OSI Group has been successful in its operation because it has managed to keep a close customer-supplier relationship. This has played a great role in brand building and marketing. OSI Group has been successful in carrying out operations and reaching more clients. The company has been able to offer world-class solutions and also create long-term value for their partners. Companies who have partnered with OSI Group have been able to benefit from the partnership and achieved their goals.

The key ingredient of OSI success is employing a dedicated team with skills in different fields. This makes almost everything possible and raises the chances of success in every move made. The team helps in decision making, plans implementations, goals setting, and customer relations. The company has been able to collaborate with the leading companies in the food industry across the world, and this has made it possible to the company to offer world-class products to their clients. OSI Group has industry leading production standards, and this has made them one of the leading world supply chain provider and food manufacturer.


Consider The Handy Company First For Plumbing Services

There are so many people that have problems with plumbing services, especially when it comes to the high prices. Many plumbing services will charge whatever they want, even if it’s unfair to the customer. Not only does the Handy company offer plumbing services, but their services are fairly priced as well as being competitively priced. A person who chooses to get Handy services that include plumbing, they’ll get the final cost before they ever make a payment. The customer also has to agree to the price before they make payment on the website, so there is no confusion later.

Of all the services that performs, plumbing services are probably one of their most unknown services. A lot of people will flock to the Handy website to order cleaning services, but if they need plumbing services performed, they go somewhere else. Handy wants everyone to know that their plumbing services are top-notch and are performed only by licensed plumbers that Handy screens ahead of time as well as giving them a background check. Handy also chooses to insure each of their employees, including the plumbers, so that is one less thing for a customer to worry about.

There are a lot of plumbing jobs that can be performed by a Handy employee, and unclogging drains is only one of those jobs. Stopped up toilets, blocked drains, garbage disposal installation and removal is all work that can be performed by a Handy plumber. To start the process, head to the Handy website or Handy app to set up the service. Give detailed information about any service that has to be fulfilled, get the final price, pay the fee, and make sure to set a date for the plumber to come out. Don’t worry about promptness because every Handy employee is taught to be on time.

It is possible that things may change once a Handy employee comes out to look at the plumbing services they have to perform, so be open-minded if a drain needs more work than was previously thought of before. Those who have a limited amount of time for plumbing services to be performed in their home may want to order the services on days when they are least busy, so there won’t be any problems. A Handy employee will always do their best to fix any plumbing problem when they go out to service a home.


Ricardo Tosto: Brazilian Lawyers and Law at Its Finest

Brazil was a Portuguese colony, and for that reason, its constitution was the Portuguese constitution until it gained independence. With independence, a new law was inevitable. Nonetheless, the Brazilian Law was primarily derived from the Portuguese. The law, which is based on statutes, divides the country into Federative regions. There are 26 federal states in Brazil, and each state is free but not obligated to adopt different laws.

The judiciary, with the help of lawyers, upholds the constitution. There are many lawyers in Brazil, all credit to the enormous number of law schools in the country. The country has more law schools than all other countries in the world put together. The state ranks third in some lawyers, after India and USA. There are 800,000 lawyers approved by the Brazilian Bar. Of course, not all law students are accepted by the bar. The huge number of lawyers in the country either means there is a market gap or institutions are overproducing. Either way, you need to find a quality lawyer, and Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is such a lawyer.

Ricardo Tosto studied law at the Mackenzie University. He is a prominent person in the legal practice in Brazil. He had humble beginnings, and from a single office, he has established a reputable law firm, Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados Associados. He has defended individuals and institutions and offered legal advice to corporations and even multinational companies. Ricardo Tosto has contributed to the adoption of several legal mechanisms in Brazil. He has helped most of his employees, who joined as interns, to become big names in the legal practice.

Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados (Leite, Tosto, and Barros Advocates) is a full-service law firm. The company is listed in the top ten law firms in Brazil in Yearbook Analysis Advocacy 500. He is responsible for overseeing the company’s ongoing cases and provides legal strategies. Ricardo Tosto is also a co-author of the book “The Tiradentes Process.”