How Bruce Levenson Grew the Atlanta Hawks

The National Basketball Association is the premier source of professional basketball in the United States of America, if not the entire world. People from countries all over the world keep track of the NBA, and its thirty teams. Twenty nine of its teams are located in the United States, with the only exception being the Toronto Raptors, which aren’t really that far from the United States.

What is now known as the NBA was founded in June, 1946, as the Basketball Association of America, by many important hockey executives. Three years later, the BAA joined teams with the National Basketball League, to form the National Basketball Association. The organization has not had any split or mergers since then.

The thirty teams are divided into the Eastern Conference and the Western Conference. 3 groups of 5 teams from each conferences are grouped together to form what is known as a division. Division play has the potential to affect teams later in the season, because teams play their divisions more than playing out of division or out of conference teams.

The Atanta Hawks finished in the Eastern Conference Finals this past season, even though the team doesn’t really have a superstar. Mr. Bruce Levenson, the past owner of the Hawks, helped grow the Atlanta ball club by assembling a team with as good of chemistry as that roster.

Mr. Levenson purchased the Atlanta Hawks a few years ago for around five hundred million dollars, and recently earned a $230 million profit. Hopefully the new owners of the Atlanta Hawks will continue the storied traditions Bruce Levenson of has made inherent in the Hawks organization.

Basketball players from all over the world have played in the NBA, including Dirk Nowitzki and Vlade Divac, who have both done wonders in the NBA.

Professional basketball leagues have been around since the late 1940s, but it was only until the 80s that the popularity of basketball started to rise. Magic Johnson and Larry Bird were drafted in the 1979 NBA Draft, and went on to be part of one of the greatest player to player rivalries in the history of the organization. In 1984, the legendary Michael Jordan was drafted to the Chicago Bulls, who were undoubtedly one of the best teams in the NBA between 1984-1998.

After the legendary Bulls team disseminated, the Western Conference took hold as the best Conference in all of the national Basketball Association. Tim Duncan and the San Antonio Spurs were one of the best, along with Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal with the Los Angeles Lakers. Kobe Bryant still plays today, and has led the Lakers to five NBA championships. It is argued that his style of play — not his skill — is the most similar to Michael Jordan’s, with the way he dribbles and shoots.

Many NBA games can be watched on ABC, ESPN, NBA TV, and TNT in the United States, three of which are available on most basic cable packages. The most recent champion was the Golden State Warriors.

Anybody Can Be A Wikipedian

Free to Edit

Wikipedia is by definition open to anyone, not only to use as an ultimate knowledge resource, but also as a way to contribute your knowledge and editing skills to everyone else throughout the world. By now most people who use the Internet know that ‘wiki’ is the age old word for community. In the case of Wikipedia, that community potentially extends to every person on the Earth. And every person, including you, can contribute by directly editing any Wikipedia page that is not locked. All that is required is a computer with Internet web access and a web browser.

Make The Changes You Want To See

When you see something wrong, missing, not explained correctly or perhaps simply not completely enough, do not hesitate to dig in and edit a wiki page. There is no need to register with Wikipedia writers as an official editor when you see something in an article out of place or missing, just fix it yourself. Perhaps it is simply a little punctuation that is missing or a bit of bad grammar. Or maybe you can see that the whole page needs overhauling. You can edit as little or as much as is necessary. Edit an article with classic editing by making changes to the wikitext markup coding, or employ the VisualEditor (VE), which takes little time to learn.

If you want to make a change to a page that is locked, you will not be able to directly make the edit changes. However, even if there is a lock icon displayed on the top-right of the page, you can still make a suggestion for an edit by using the Edit Request method. Simply click on the “View Source” tab and then the “Submit an edit request” button. Fill out the form displayed and the owner of the page will take care of the rest.

Why Not Let Get Your Wiki Do The Work?

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Ken Griffin Jumps Up Forbes 400 List

Ken Griffin of is the President and CEO or the Citadel, and his hedge fund is one of the most valuable in the world. He is a self-made man who is worth billions of dollars, and he is rising in the ranks of America’s richest people. This article explores how his company has brought him nearer to the top of the list while remaining grounded in a world of investment that helps normal people.

#1: The Quick Rise

Mr. Griffin was 103rd on the Forbes 400 list in 2014, and he has risen to 89th in the 2015 list. This jump of 14 spots is due mostly to the rise in valuation of his own business. The Citadel has about $20 billion in assets, and Mr. Griffin sports a total net worth of $5.5 billion. His rise in the ranks is likely to continue as he makes a name for himself in the philanthropic arena. He is known for giving money to worthy causes, and he supports those worthy causes at great cost to himself.

#2: Supporting Bruce Rauner

Mr.Ken Griffin is an avid supporter of candidate Bruce Rauner for the governorship of Illinois, and his support of Rauner ties directly to his belief in charter schools. Ken believes that families should have more choices, and his business acumen helps him understand how a privatized school model will work. He gave $2.5 million to help Bruce Rauner defeat Pat Quinn, and Mr. Griffin is currently stumping for charter school programs around the state. He may choose to give more to the charter school cause, and he may support other politicians who believe in charter schools.

#3: Joining Forces

Mr. Griffin is working to join forces with the venture capitalist from Winnekta to make Illinois a better place. Public schools have been a major point of contention in the state as politicians fight in the Chicago Public Schools for control, and Mr. Griffin’s offices sit in the middle of it all. His campaign dollars will go to anyone who wants to make a difference, and Bruce Rauner was the first to show major interest in making things better.

#4: Rising Higher On The List

The Citadel is performing better today than it every has, and Mr. Griffin appears to rising up the list of the richest people in America every year. He will likely rise to the elite ranks of the top ten or twenty in the coming years, and his money will likely continue to go to worthy causes. He recently gave $150 million to Harvard College as a gift for financial aid, and his alma mater recently named their financial aid office after him. Even after giving away $150 million, he is still rising on the Forbes 400.

Ken Griffin is a benevolent man who wants to see a positive change in the world, and his biggest focus is education. He has a total net worth of $5.5 billion that he clearly intends to use to help students get a better education in America.

Bellville, South African Attorney Frans Schoeman Helps New Companies

With many natural resources, South Africa is a nation that many relish. They are protective of their environment, yet they want to use the resources that the land offers. Because of the fine line between using and abusing the resources, the African government has many environmental laws that allow people to take advantage of these resources, yet it requires them to preserve the natural world at the same time. One of the most important laws in establishment here is the National Environmental Management Act. Lawyers like Frans Schoeman, have been monumental in its enforcement.

Frans Schoeman has been a driving force in this Southern country to help various clients to navigate the world of environmental law. The laws in South Africa are very strict and disrupting a local ecosystem can be punishable by jail time and or a large fine. Harvesting any of the natural resources must be done in a way that doesn’t harm any person or other breathing things in this country. Also, no organized group can be affected either. Schoeman helps his clients to understand the National Environmental Management Act. He is known as a responsible attorney in the area, and he has to ensure that any transactions that occur between his clients and Mother Nature are done within the confounds of the law.

There are numerous principals that are used to guide through the environmental laws of this land. One of the most important principals is sustainable development. This means that people have to minimize their waste. Any waste created from using resources must be disposed of in a safe and respectable manner that doesn’t bring harm to the environment or any person. Another part of the act is to ensure intergenerational equity. It is another guiding principle of the act. Anything harvested from the land must have a generational benefit. This helps to support justice to the environment. Adverse effects can come from using resources that cannot be distributed indiscriminately.

In South Africa, the natural world is considered to be a public trust. The law demands that anyone who damages the environment must pay for the damages they have caused and repair it if at all possible. The laws here are really guided by simple principals. However, some find the law itself to be rather complicated. Anyone who harvests resources usually needs lawyers, like Frans Schoeman on to help. Since he attended the University of the Free State and received his Juris doctorate degree, he has served the legal world for more than twenty-five years. He was a legal director for the TG Mintser Consulting for over 14 years and also worked at the firm of Hofmeyr, Herbstein and Gihwala. He has done much pro bono work to help the public out when it comes to understanding these complex laws. He also is there to help the public whenever he can so that trade and businesses coming into South Africa know the laws and work within their confines. He is currently the director of Phatsima Diamond, a law firm located in Bellville, South Africa.

Shaygan Kheradpir’s Contribution to Technology

Shaygan Kheradpir is a famous business and technology executive. He is highly celebrated for his contributions and outstanding achievements in advancing major technology-based initiatives that solve business problems. Shaygan holds a bachelors, masters and doctorate in electrical engineering all from Cornell University. Shaygan’s key area of interest while he was at the University and also throughout his career has been controlled systems.

Early in his career, Shaygan began to show that he was truly a shining star. He started his first job at GTE Labs in Boston where he was tasked with network control and management and eventually promoted to the position of Head of Software Systems. GTE and Bell Atlantic later merged to form Verizon where Shaygan was able to climb the corporate ladder and become the Chief Information Officer of the Company. Kheradpir later left Verizon to join Barclays where he was initially the Global Retail Bank Chief Operating Officer and later the Head of Operations and Technology for Barclays Bank Worldwide.

Shaygan has had an enormous impact on all the companies that he has worked. His management skills and innovation allowed him to lead teams that have created unique and award-winning technology products. His first major contribution to the world of technology was recognized when he was the head of the software systems lab at GTE. Here he led the development of a national network platform for GTE called TONICS (Telephone Operations Network Integrated Control). The platform, a first in the United States, integrated GTE’s Infrastructure, Switching and Transmission.

In 2003, Shaygan led a team that developed a system called IOBI. This system is a means of managing telephone services across the World Wide Web or by use of a public switched telephone network. It allowed communication services from landlines and mobile phones to personal computers. Later in 2004, Shaygan’s team also developed the Verizon One, a device that combined the functions of a telephone, router, and modem. Shaygan has contributed immensely to the development of Verizon FIOS. This product bundled the internet, telephone and television services using a Fiber Optic Cable. In the United States, Verizon was the pioneer company to offer Fiber optic services to homes.

At Barclays Bank, Shaygan became the first technology executive to sit on the bank’s executive team. One of his major contributions to the world of technology during his tenure at the bank was the introduction of Barclays Pingit. Pingit was launched by Barclays in the year 2012 and allows customers to send and receive money by use of their mobile phones. To use Pingit, account holders of Barclays are required to download a free application on their mobile phones. This application was available on Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone operating Systems. During the launch of Pingit, Shaygan said that the application was a first in series of developments that would be based on a mobile phone platform. He claimed that the proliferation of mobile phones will overhaul the manner in which retail banking is carried out in the 21st century.

The Role of Human Rights with Yeonmi Park

Human rights are fundamental principles that describe certain levels of human behavior. They govern one’s well-being, safety and comfort with respect to others as well. Human rights are a birthright to everyone just for being human. They are most often referred to as unchallengeable elementary rights entitled to people exclusively for being human beings. They apply globally, however with some limitations in regards to individual country’s laws and sovereignty. They are protected by the rule of law and are considered to put everyone globally on one equal pedestal. Human rights have however been violated on some occasions due to man’s greed and will to rule over others. This has resulted in social injustices like abuse, oppression and even extremities like loss of life as a consequence of the violation of human rights.

Yeonmi Park is a South Korean Human activist on youtube whose past is dotted with acts of oppression from the cruel government of North Korea where she was born. Yeonmi Park was forced to defect from the country to be able to taste what freedom felt like, find peace and solace. She was born to a well-off family in North Korea, but tables turned when her father was detained for allegedly practicing illegal business. Her mother who was then a nurse had a hard time balancing her career and taking care of their family single-handedly in the oppressive North Korea. Prior to being released her dad faced hard labor to make up for trading illegally. They devised a plan to escape and fight for their rights in another country. They moved to China with the help of human traffickers and brokers in the North Korea-China border. The father was taken ill in North Korea and had to miss the plight for fear of slowing them down. He later succumbed to colon cancer when he was just about to be reunited with Yeonmi in China at age 45.

Yeonmi is portrayed as a strong and relentless woman for having survived the harsh ordeal in the migration from her home country to finally settling in South Korea. Yeonmi and her mother faced starvation in the desert and a near death experience with the border patrol. However, these experiences have made Yeonmi, who she is today. She has refused to be held down her past and ready to forge a new brighter future. Miss Park has moved on and is aggressively fighting for the rights of North Korean citizens suffering under the influence of the oppressive government. Her voice is everywhere in the media campaigning for human rights. She has written to the Washington post sharing her story to help strengthen young ladies like her to fight for their rights. She is currently affiliated with humanitarian organizations like the Freedom Factory Corporation based in South Korea and LiNK (Liberty in North Korea). LiNK is tasked with liberating refugees in China, defectors from North Korea, by relocating them to South Korea and the United States.

Human right activists have played a crucial role in the contemporary society filled with social evils and violation of human rights. Their activities through individual effort and formation of organizations have been greatly felt and much appreciated. People like Yeonmi deserve accolades for their humanitarian acts and caring for their fellow equals in the society.

Doe Deere’s True Colors

Lime Crime is a make up line created by Doe Deere on for women who are willing to stand up against the norm and “live unapologetically.” This Los Angeles based company offers women the bold true colors that allow make up to grow into an art of self expression rather than just a form of looking socially acceptable.

Entrepreneur Doe Deere has certainly developed an outstanding new company for women all over the world that are overlooked by leading make up brands. The original cause of Lime Crime happened because of her DIY fashion line on eBay, which required colorful make up for the pieces she modeled, however, because encountering such “bright and unusual” products became a troublesome task, she decided to open up her own line.

Originally reported on The Story Exchange Doe Deere defined what success means to her, “To me, success is having my vision resonate with my audience to the point where they are proud to wear Lime Crime. It means evolving and reinventing yourself and your brand over and over, while still remaining true to your core values. Success is making other people happy!”

However, she doesn’t just want to make people happy, Doe Deeree is helping animals all over the world by creating a line that is entirely vegan, with no animal cruelty or animal ingredients, she feels that the biggest success has thus far been having their entire line certified as “cruelty-free” by Leaping Bunny. This line included a category to the market that had not been seen yet: a “liquid to matte lipstick that stays on, doesn’t crumble, and is transfer-proof.” All this work had to be persistently improved upon with the help of a chemist.

All business adventures do go through ups and downs when a company is establishing themselves, and Lime Crime was no exception. In 2014 they experienced a most challenging situation, an unforeseen security breach. According to Deere, their website was hacked, and cyber thieves were able to steal customer information from their transactions. She explained that this issue did not occur because of failure or negligence from her part, but that it did create a huge responsibility for her in order to restore brand trust, “I still feel responsible for what happened to my company and my customers. Restoring customer trust in the brand was the hardest thing myself and my team have ever done,” she Deere stated.

Fortunately, all issues were worked out and the hardship actually helped Lime Crime grow even further. They learned an important online security lesson and have since partnered with Trustwave and Norton to keep their website secure. All customer issues were also handled with care, enhancing their costumer service availability through FAQ’s, real-time Social Media, a dedicated email account, and the establishment of a call center.

The Story Exchange:

Freedom-Loving Activist Yeonmi Park Wants Others to Share Her Liberty

Yeonmi Park is a woman who truly loves her freedom. The 21-year-old human rights activist has such a deep appreciation for liberty because until about six years ago, she didn’t have it. She grew up in North Korea under the thumb of dictator Kim Jong Il, whose son, Kim Jong Il, took over for his father. Her schooling was harsh and strict and included rhetoric depicting North Korea as superior to any other country and Westerners as evil and worthy of destruction.

Park got her first glimpse of the wide world of possibilities open to her when she saw a bootleg copy of “Titanic.” She believes that exposure to media and ideas from other cultures is hugely important for North Koreans. Now, from her new home in Seoul, South Korea, she is striving to make a difference in the lives of those she left behind.

It was her father’s imprisonment by the North Korean government that prompted Park and her mother to escape the country. Park on was just 13 at the time, and she was in for a rude awakening when instead of freedom, her flight to China brought her further oppression. She was nearly raped shortly after her arrival, but her mother took the attack in her place. She learned about human trafficking first-hand when both of them became slaves and were separated. Still, Park never lost her spirit.

When offered the chance to become a man’s mistress in exchange for his buying her parents, Park jumped at the opportunity. Soon both of her parents were with her again, though sadly, her father died of cancer not much later. Park was not satisfied to remain in China as a slave, so she and her mother summoned their courage for yet another escape, this time across the Gobi Desert. They withstood arduous temperatures, hunger, thirst and fatigue before finally arriving at their destination and finding the freedom they had so longed for.

Her outspoken nature has not come without a cost for the outspoken university student. While she has earned the rapt attention of many people who come to listen to her speak and watch her videos online, the North Korean government is aware of her efforts and is trying to discredit her. As someone who saw a friend’s mother publicly executed for a small crime when she was just nine years old, Park knows all too well the atrocities her former government is capable of, but she will not allow fear to dominate her life. Her life’s mission is to use her platform to share the terrible truth about North Korea and inspire others to change the lives of people there.

Park is currently writing a book about her life, which has been filled with more danger and despair than many people four times her age. She hopes that more and more North Koreans will find the strength to escape or to band together to enact change. With her as an advocate, the future looks brighter for North Korea.

OrganoGold’s Expansion Into Turkey

OrganoGold is one of the leading manufacturers of Tea and Coffee worldwide. There are many different companies that have tried to do what OrganoGold has done without the same level of success. Much of the success of OrganoGold has come from the amazing management of CEO Bernardo Chua. Bernardo Chua has been able to bring forth a vision that has really driven the company to new heights with his international reach. With great marketing and an even better product, it is easy to see why OrganoGold is beginning to blossom so quickly.

Bernardo Chua has begun to expand operations into Turkey. This is not only a great thing for OrganoGold, but also a great thing for Turkey as well. This will bring many new jobs into this country. There are many great benefits of having OrganoGold in Turkey. Turkey is pretty famous for their history of coffee. In the 15th century Turkey was known as being the country with the first ever coffee house. To say that people from Turkey like coffee is an understatement. Coffee is a way of life in Turkey. This is why it is so exciting that Organo Gold is having such a presence in Turkey.

BusinessForHome says that only time will tell the actual success of OrganoGold in Turkey, but if history is any indicator than Organo Gold should do really well in Turkey too. There are many key players in place who are ready to really make OrganoGold a huge success in Turkey. The market is prime for OrganoGold to be a smash hit success on the streets of Turkey. It will be very fun to watch all of the next steps that Bernardo Chua takes to ensure the success of his company in the years to come. There are many variables, but it looks as though the odd are really in favor of OrganoGold being a hit success in Turkey.

Much Admired Philanthropist Bruce Levenson

Philanthropy and charitable giving can make a real difference in people’s lives. Choosing to give back to an area community can help that place be a better place to live and work in. Charitable giving can also help people feel better because they know that their efforts are making a real difference directly in the lives of people who need them. Both small actions and much larger ones are welcomed by people who look to philanthropists for leadership in revitalizing an area and helping to attract new residents as well as businesses that are willing to invest there and help provide residents with good paying jobs that can allow them to earn a living and stay in an area they really love.

Mr. Bruce Levenson understands this fact. Bruce Levenson knows that it is important to help use his dollars to provide opportunity and help people become more educated as well. Levenson is a highly successful businessman with a background in many varied fields. His work has spanned many fields including that of the world of communications as well as that of sports managment. His understanding of many different fields of business have helped him accumulate a large fortune and enjoy a pleasant lifestyle.

Levenson on UCG has sought to help use the funds he has earned in order to help others succeed as well. His work in the field of philanthropy has focused on his native Washington, D.C. area. Here, he has invested funds in providing for the needs of local youth who may be otherwise denied access to the region’s many important amenities. Mr. Levenson serves as a member of the Community Foundation of Washington, a foundation that has been organized in an effort to help provide opportunities for residents of the region. He has also helped contribute to other areas of regional philanthropy including the Hoop Dreams Foundation and an area chapter of the much admired I Have a Dream Foundation, a foundation that helps provide young people in impoverished areas with access to the kind of mentorship they need in order to be able to do well in life and have a successful start to any career they plan to choose.

It is this kind of leadership that has helped him to demonstrate the power that someone who is devoted to the field of philanthropy can accomplish when they are willing to step in and directly help provide people in need with access to effective philanthropy as well as the chance to experience the help of mentorship and skilled leaders who know how to use the power of a dollar effectively. His work has been much hailed as an example to others who also wish to be involved.