David McDonald’s Mainstream Achievements

David McDonald is the President of OSI Group, LLC. Mr. McDonald is fully initiated into the OSI Company. Earlier, David worked at OSI Industries as the Project Manager. At the moment, David McDonald not only heads the firm but also participates in meetings organized by Board of Directors of OSI Group. Besides managing OSI Group, David McDonald spearheads other companies. He is the Head of North American Meat Institute.

David McDonald was born and raised in Lowa. In 1987, David went to Lowa State University where he attained his degree in Animal Science. Mr. David also earned a senior award by Wallace E. Barron. David McDonald’s interests were in the utilization of available resources to positively impact his hometown. In 2011, David became active in the Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative and organized a visit to China in the OSI facilities. The aim of David’s trip was to visit a group of OSI intern students and offer them his support.

Mr. David McDonald generously helps his fraternity known as Alpha Gamma Rho by providing funds for scholarships. David has often participated in fundraising campaigns in Lowa State at AGR house. Additionally, he has played various roles in the naming of AGR Fraternity Arena located in Deb Hansen Agriculture Student Learning Center. His contributions in Lowa State have helped in the improvement of the living standards of the residents in the following: http://www.osigroup.com/wp-content/uploads/2016-2017_SustainabilityReport.pdf click here.

McDonald is married to Malinda, and together, they have six children. The family resides in Warrenville, III. The couple’s two oldest kids school at Lowa State, with the other four, probably following suit. To David McDonald, Lowa State is a special place. Being a graduate from Lowa State University, Mr. David works towards setting lifelong strategies that will hence benefit the university’s students in the coming years.

Hoping for further OSI Group’s success, David McDonald released a sustainability report which outlines the company’s performance throughout its global operations. The report contains OSI Group’s progress in priority areas including social responsibility locations, sustainable supply chain and the environment. David focuses on the provision of food quality and safety, including strict animal welfare standards. With David, OSI Group will conduct business sustainably and responsibly.

Bob Reina Guides Talk Fusion to Successful Year

Bob Reina is as candid and interesting a CEO as you are likely to get within the tech industry. Reina is the man behind the video marketing and communications solving company, Talk Fusion. He has worked within the industry for the past 20 years, operating as both CEO and marketer himself. Getting Talk Fusion to where they are today hasn’t been an easy task but it is one that he has prided himself on. Along the way Reina faced a variety of different difficulties and failures but he always managed to overcome them by force of will and sheer charisma. Learn more: http://inspirery.com/bob-reina/


As the CEO of Talk Fusion it is Reina’s job to keep people looking to the company for solutions. Reina and the Talk Fusion team have spent the better part of the past decade orchestrating their ascent up the ladder of reliability. Along the way Talk Fusion has won numerous industry awards including the 2016 Communication Solutions Product of the Year award for their work on the Video Chat application. Reina knows that his company is in the right place, but it doesn’t mean they will stay there. So it is important for Reina to always present himself and the company well.


Part of being in communications is making sure to get your message out. Reina has done so by staying hooked into various outlets where he can share his message including the MarTech Advisor webpage and the Huffington Post. As a guest author Reina has helped to introduce people to video marketing while showing them the true power of what it is that he does and what his company can do. You can see a pair of articles on the Huffington Post website under the titles, “Video Advertising Trends of 2017” and “Video Marketing Boosts Customer Engagement and Profits”.


Bob Reina’s goal with Talk Fusion is to continually elevate and innovate. One of his favorite phrases for Talk Fusion is, “We are focused on staying ahead of the curb.” Talk Fusion has won over many customers in their lifespan and we expect them to continue winning over many more. Learn more: http://www.superbcrew.com/talk-fusion-delivers-award-winning-video-communication-products-and-video-marketing-solutions/


Betsy DeVos Shows Her Long Term Commitment To Education Reform

There are many people entering the activism community searching for a role that will bring them a career and success within the media, for others the not for profit arena is a place they can express their desires for the world to be a healthier, happier place. One of those I have admired over the years and grown to respect for her commitment to maintaining a career in the not for profit sector that has brought her no financial advancement or increased her personal level of fame for any other reason than her commitment to education reform is Betsy DeVos. Now the Secretary of Education for the U.S. after three decades looking to reform the way students across the nation are taught in the 21st-century, Betsy DeVos has steadily built a reputation based on her belief the one size fits all approach to education is outdated and should be replaced with a wide range of options placing the decisions about education back in the hands of students and their families.

Betsy DeVos is part of a family dedicated to advancing the cause of education reform across the nation as her husband, billionaire Dick DeVos gave up much of his own time in the 1990s to help make the state of Michigan a leading reformer when he won election to the state Board of Education; I believe the work of Betsy and Dick DeVos has played a key role in developing the school choice and voucher systems now in place across more than 17 states in the U.S. During her time as the head of a number of not for profit groups and Super PAC’s dedicated to building a brighter future for students across the U.S. I noted the key part played in the political process of passing legislation to allow school choice programs to begin.

The one state that had a major effect on myself was Louisiana, a state where Republican Governor Jindal was brought together with both Republican and Democratic lawmakers by Betsy DeVos to make sure the education reform program in the state did not stall.Ever since her days at Calvin College, I believe Betsy DeVos has been devoted to building a better future for the young people of the nation. Secretary DeVos places much of the dedication to education reform she currently has on her own family history of teaching, which resulted in Mrs. DeVos becoming an in-school advocate for at-risk children for more than a decade in her home state of Michigan. The dedication to the philanthropy of Betsy DeVos impressed me through the work of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation that looks far beyond the education reform movement to build community links on both a local and national scale.

Omar Boraie: The Founder of Boraie Development

Omar Boraie is the president and Chief Executive Officer of the well renowned Boraie Development. Back in the days when he shared his vision with both the people and his allies of what he wanted and foresaw of New Brunswick, they would stare at him and make fun out of it. What a way to prove your doubters wrong? Four decades later, Omar Boraie has had the last laugh. When Omar was a student and a traveling scholar in his youth age back in Egypt, he got privileged to witness the transformation of Europe. As he came back to New Brunswick, he came inspired and had a plan of revolution, one that would provide change to the state of his home town.

Omar initiated his plan with his allies and contractors back in 1972. New Brunswick was still way back regarding development. It was an underdog town; one that could not be uttered in a place where development was being discussed. There could never be a site of human life or human activity in the streets past four pm. Omar first move was to buy Albany Street Plaza which happened gradually until he owned the entire building. Later in 2003, he built another building just adjacent to Albany Street Plaza. This helped to provide an increased ground for white collar jobs within New Brunswick. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms for the details.

Later in 2007, a bigger project was completed in New Brunswick much to the surprise of a majority of people. This was the onset of believing for most of the doubters. It had never crossed people’s mind that a building like Spring Street could be built on New Brunswick soil. This was the birth of the Boraie Development, and the information was published through Philly purge. Since then, its major focus has always been on the Real Estate Market. Boraie Development aims at providing the best service to its clients. It partners with skilled contractors, experienced architects with focus, and large financial institutions that are well aware of the importance of time management and completion of projects that are of the best interest of the client.

Interesting to note, Boraie Development has proven to be the most worthy after development firm in New Jersey. It holds an edge over other firms because it channels capital and funding for most of its projects from private sources such as commercial banks. Most of the development properties in Boraie are put for sale to be able to accommodate the increasing housing demands. The properties include hotel assets and residential retail.

See more: http://www.boraie.com/news/gambling-on-millenials

End Citizens United Could Soon End Dirty Money in the American Elections

Dirty money has been part of American politics for a considerable time. However, this could be coming to an end soon as a new political action committee, End Citizens United, committed to campaign for reforms in the financial act was formed in 2015. The PAC planned to channel millions of dollars towards Democratic candidates campaigning for Senate and competitive House positions. The political action committee believes that it’s only through electing Democratic candidates that their agendas could be pushed through.


In less than a month after its formation, the PAC raised over $2 million from grassroots donors and was committed to contributing between $25 million to $30 million for the 2016 electioneering season.


The Ultimate Goal


End Citizens United is devoted to reverse the Supreme Court ruling on Citizens United decision in 2010, which gave rise to multiple super PAC that donate a lot of dirty money towards elections. With this huge dirty money in the American politics, End Citizens United believes that citizens don’t get their preferred leaders as dirty money imposes leaders who are chosen by the few wealthy billionaires. By mid-2016, over 325,000 people had signed the PAC’s petition calling for the Congress to reverse the ruling. End Citizens United also partnered with Ready for Hillary with the aim of using its email list to reach over four million Clinton supporters to sign the petition.


To successfully enact the campaign finance reforms on both local and state level, End Citizens United must win with two-thirds of Senate and House as well as getting ratification from three-fourths of states. As a result, the PAC endorsed several senators and set some money for campaigning for Democratic candidates through television ads, polling, and direct mails.


Commitment to Contribute Over $35 Million


With a goal of ending dirty money in the American politics, End Citizens United raised over four million dollars in the first three months of 2017 and planned to have over $35 million by mid-2018. Contributing such an amount would be significant to the PAC given that the $25 million contributed during last year’s election made a considerable impact. End Citizens United is proud to have over 100,000 grassroots givers with 40,000 of them being new to the PAC. The PAC’ donors feel that elections have always been rigged from them and its only through reversing the 2010 Supreme Court ruling that they can have their choices respected.


As a proof of its commitment, End Citizens United managed to raise $ 4million towards the April 2018 special House election in Georgia. The group is planning to endorse several Democratic candidates during the 2018 election period. The impact of End Citizens United has already been felt. The PAC managed to convince several Republican senators to vote against Betsy DeVos who had contributed huge amounts of money towards their election.

Sheldon Lavin: The Man Behind The Meat Industry

Sheldon Lavin is CEO and Chairman of OSI Group, a provider of food solutions. The business operates by supplying the most top notch and excellent food products. Sheldon Lavin is an ex-investment banker turned meat mogul who is in charge of the food provider, OSI Group. Over 40 years back, Lavin started to watch the business become a small burger provider into a worldwide conglomerate that employs more than 20,000 people.

Sheldon Lavin has been employed in their food sector for 43 years and counting. Previous to working at the food business, he was a powerful executive and possessed a consulting company that offered financial services. OSI Group business has seen growth since it’s been under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin.

Sheldon Lavin is somebody who has managed to choose a significant business and turn it into something much larger. He’s among the reasons the organization has had and seen so much success. Sheldon Lavin is a father and a grandfather.

Sheldon Lavin started his career over 46 years ago working in the banking industry where he had been an executive and an investor. Sheldon Lavin possessed a fund consulting company and afterward joined OSI Group where he has helped the business grow into a global provider with subsidiaries, like OSI Industries, OSI International Foods, and OSI International, Inc.

Sheldon Lavin is now in charge of 100 percent of share rights of OSI Industries. He has always envisioned himself to be a business owner. The business is found functioning in over 17 countries with 70 facilities. He currently spends all of his time and effort figuring out how to help develop the meat empire further and retains more than a dozen titles and awards for his work as a company and CEO innovator including the Global Visionary Award. Sheldon plays numerous essential functions within this firm and ensures that each customer will receive the highest quality meat.

Eric Lefkofsky Creates Tempus to Establish Data-Driven Cancer Treatment

Jim Dalke wrote an article for ChicagoInno titled ““Eric Lefkofsky’s Self-Funded Mission to Cure Cancer Through Data”. Dalke reveals the recent shift of the Groupon co-founder to a company that will change the medical industry.

According to the article, Lefkofsky actually interested in starting another company at this point in his career. However, life intervened when his wife was diagnosed with cancer. As he took her to see different doctors and specialists, he realized that the process was incredibly confusing on the patient’s side. There simply wasn’t enough qualitative data information to make accurate or informed decisions for treatment.

That’s when Lefkofsky decided a change was necessary, so he started Tempus. He co-founded the company with his long-time business partner, Brad Kewell. The company seeks to shift the medical industry creating data-driven cancer treatments. By creating an operating system with machine learning and a library of molecular data, doctors will be able to use the information of previous patients to help provide a more accurate treatment plan for their current patients with similar molecular composition. By looking into the tumors and perceiving possible mutations, doctors can create a treatment plan that is personalized for each person.

Lefkosky hopes that Tempus will become his greatest work, creating a paradigm shift in the medical industry. He finds it strange that such advanced technology is given to more mundane activities when the doctors are making decisions that affect the lives of so many patients. By pairing clinical data available in the library with the patient’s molecular information, Tempus will allow the doctors to create a more precise treatment plan in the hopes of creating more effective solutions.

Eric Lefkofsky has always sought to change the world. In 2006, he created a charity with his wife that supports international education, science, and charitable causes. He also joined The Giving Pledge that inspires the wealthy to leave the majority of their net worth to altruistic causes.

Mr. Lefkofsky has also been a serial entrepreneur. Most notably, he co-founded Groupon which offers people incredible deals and discounts. Yet, he has also created companies like Lightbank, MediaBank, and Uptake.

Light And Fragrant EOS Lip Balm

EOS features several flavors of lip balm that make my lips soft and smooth. They also appear a bit plump after I apply the balm. Products from the company are made with natural ingredients, such as shea butter and jojoba oil. The lip balm gently rolls on, and the flavor is mesmerizing. Capture further details here on blogwebpedia.com.

Vanilla Mint is a flavor that I enjoy because it’s not heavily scented. It has a light aroma of vanilla at first, followed by the mint. The lip balm can be compared to a peppermint patty without the chocolate. Some of the lip products I’ve used with mint have burned my lips because they are so strong, but I haven’t experienced that with EOS.

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Another favorite flavor is Coconut Milk. It’s not a scent that I’ve seen very often until I started using EOS. Coconut Milk is like being in paradise every time I wear the lip balm. It has notes of coconut shavings blended with milk and a hint of vanilla. I enjoy this scent when I go to the beach because it seems to blend well with the tropical feeling in the air and the other tropical scents that I smell. EOS products protect my lips from getting burned while I’m outside, which is another reason I enjoy the line of lip balms.

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A New World of Lip Balm Flavors From EOS

EOS has forever redefined lip balm. Not only are the flavors original and astonishing, you never need to worry about harmful ingredients inside of their products. All products are tested and approved. EOS creates beauty products that are top of the line and unlike any other product you’ve tried. Many other products that are on the market right now use ingredients that could be harmful to some consumers and animals alike. EOS uses ingredients that are hypoallergenic, gluten-free, and dermatologist-tested.

EOS lip balms range anywhere from organic to visibly soft to shimmery, all unique in their own way. Not only is the consistency different from other products, the flavors are incomparable.

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When thinking of lip balm, no one could imagine the immense number of flavors available, until EOS created their products. In the organic line of lip balms, there are various assorted flavors to choose from. The flavors of the Organic Smooth Sphere include Passion Fruit, Strawberry Sorbet, Blueberry Acai, Summer Fruit, and Sweet Mint. All the flavors stated taste exactly as they sound, rich, with clear indications of fruit, herbs, and spices. Shop here amazon.de.

Not only did EOS redefine organic lip balm, they added a line that makes your lips visibly soft. This line includes flavors such as Coconut Milk, Vanilla Mint, and Blackberry Nectar.

With EOS lip balms, you can rest assured knowing that you are using a safe, tasteful, and original product. Buy here at ebay.com.

OCC Crew Team Looking for Another National Championship

The Orange Coast College (OCC) crew team is once again going up against nationally-ranked four-year universities in the 2017 National Tournament.

The tournament, held this year in Lake Lanier, GA, is not the first time that the small college has gone up against bigger names. But in this history laden-sport, they have definitely earned their nickname “Giant Killer.”

Since the program started sixty years ago, the Orange College Coast has won 11 National Titles. Last year was their most recent, and now they are looking to repeat or better their previous win. They will go up against nearly 40 other schools, some of which have four-year universities with twice the training schedules of the 2-year community college, and some of which have students who are older, more experienced.

To compete, the crews must row their boats across 2,000 meters in the water in about six minutes. It is a grueling sport, and many oarsmen are near collapse by the finish line. But for those who have discovered and fallen in love with the sport, it is worth every blister and callous. Learn more about Orange Coast College: http://www.occpirateathletics.com/sports/bsb/index

Team captain Daniel Amado, 22, rowed in high school, but hurt his back and only returned to his beloved sport this season.

John Kinnear is a 19-year old varsity rower named the school’s “outstanding oarsman of the year.” He was drawn to the sport because he wanted the challenge of going up against bigger schools, and the joy that comes from working together in a team. A successful crew team rows in perfect unison, as even the slightest variations in the strokes can slow a boat down and cost them victory. Read more: Orange Coast College | Niche

Inside the OCC boathouse, neatly stacked boats, some worth as much as 55,000 dollars, reflect the commitment to excellence that the team demands. Red and white title flags hang proudly from the walls, and reflect the storied victories that the college has won over the decades. Many students have gone on to world championships and the Olympics, and many more hope to join them.

Orange Coast College was founded in 1947 and classes began the following year. They have one of the USA’s largest nautical programs and it is known as a top ranked Orange County community college.

Many of the students enrolled at the program go on to graduate from the University of California and California State University systems, and another half are enrolled in the technical programs.