Clay Siegall Makes His Mark On Cancer Research

Clay Siegall, Ph.D., is the Founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman of the Board for Seattle Genetics. Dr. Siegall maintains a blog that is filled with stories and articles that he finds of interest. One article he posted is part science and part funny as it describes how the UK research submersible Boaty McBoatface went out on its first Antartic mission. The name Boaty McBoatface had won a public poll to name the research vessel it’s stored on but that name was overruled by the Natural Environment Research Council. As a concession to the public they did name this research vehicle the funny name.

Another article that Dr. Clay Siegall posted was about a theory that Humans and Neanderthal’s kissed each other, or at least shared food. Researchers looking at plaque buildup on the teeth of Neanderthals discovered a microbial genome that goes along with gum disease. The presence of this microbial genome likely means that Humans and Neanderthal’s got along quite a bit better than has been thought.

Dr. Siegall has dedicated his career to finding cures for cancer. His company is the industry leader in developing antibody-drug conjugates to treat different forms of cancer. So far Seattle Genetics has one drug on the market, Adcetris, which treats two different forms of Lymphoma. Adcetris is now approved for use in over 50 countries around the world. They currently also have 9 other cancer drugs that are at different levels of development.

Dr. Siegall started his professional career in healthcare in 1988 at the National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health. In 1991 he performed r&d at the Bristol-Meyers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute. It was in 1998 that he co-founded Seattle Genetics in Bothell, Washington, which is a suburb of Seattle.

As the leader of Seattle Genetics, Dr. Clay Siegall manages the many collaboration agreements that Seattle Genetics has in place. He has partnered with Takeda Oncology Company to develop and commercialize Adcetris. He has also shared Seattle Genetics anti-body conjugate technology with other pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms including AbbVie, GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Inc., Celidex Therapeutics, Inc., and Daichi Sankyo.

Bruce Levenson’s AHBE Suing AIG Over Claims

The former ownership group of the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise filed a lawsuit against their insurance company, New Hampshire Insurance Company on the basis of breach of contract. The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC’s (AHBE) lawsuit involves the settlement of claims that were made by its former general manager Danny Ferry.

Bruce Levenson was the controlling partner of the AHBE company and the lawsuit does not include the current ownership team at all, led by Tony Ressler. AHBE’s lawsuit was filed on Sept. 13th against the AIG insurance company as a civil action based on breach of contract and insurance bad faith. Under the lawsuit, AHBE has made claims that they were guaranteed coverage under their policy for losses that they lost regarding employment practices, including “wrongful termination” and “workplace torts.” AHBE claims that their former general manager Ferry made claims in April of 2015 that were supposed to be covered.

The team’s prior ownership had reached a buyout agreement in June of 2015, ending the six-year contract. The sale of the franchise was then approved to the group led by Ressler two days later. The current ownership under Ressler claims that they are aware of the complaint and that it has nothing to do with them being the current owners.

In a report by ESPN, the lawsuit claim amount is confidential but it does state that the limits of liability within the policy are sufficient to cover AHBE’s claim. AHBE claims that AIG refused to acknowledge a covered claim that AHBE made and that AIG has refused to accept its coverage. It is claimed that AIG has breached their contract by failing to pay for covered losses.

Former controlling partner of the franchise Bruce Levenson is the co-founder of United Communications Group. He founded United Communications Group in 1977, after writing for the Washington Star and Observer Publishing. He is a Director at TechTarget and has been on the Board of Directors at the Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association. Bruce Levenson earned his undergraduate degree from Washington University and his Juris Doctor from American University. He is also an active philanthropist. More of his recent philanthropic works can be read on PR Newswire.



As an international investment banking company, Madison Street Capital arranged a minority as well as clients subordinated debt business for Ares Security Corporation. Ares Security Corporation focuses on risk management to all its customers. It also offers complete security software solutions. Corbel Capital Partners provided the minority recapitalization.

According to Reginald McGaugh, working directly to provide this investment with Ares Security Shareholder and President was a great honor. He explains that Ares Security is a different firm that protects the most critical assets in the world. In return, the Madison Street Capital reputation has continued to thrive regardless of the market state.

The Ares Security president, Ben Eazzetta, thanks the team working at Madison Street Capital for all the completed tasks. He expresses his gratitude throughout the entire process such as valuation analysis, capital raising process and the initial due diligence. Eazzetta comments on the diligence and hard work of finding them the ideal financing partner. To him, the future with their new capital structure seems very impressive.

Ares merging with Corbel to innovatively from the investment was the most appropriate way to create a reasonable equity value. Ares determined that Corbel’s operationally-supportive partnership and the flexible capital solution would enable the firm in continuing its sales momentum.

About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a global investment banking company. The company is committed to excellence, integrity, financial opinions as well as valuation services to privately and publicly held organizations. Through these services, its clients are positioned towards success in the international marketplace. By undertaking every new project, the goals and the objectives of the clients become theirs. These goals range from successful capital raises and financial advisory to M&A ownership transfers to transactions. To the company, new markets are the element that drives the international growth of their clients. Through professional standards of their services, Madison Street Capital has gained their customers trust worldwide.

The company understands corporate finance’s time sensitivity. It is also to respond tenaciously and quickly to opportunities. Through their approach in creating corporate finance transactions ensures that both business investors and owners benefit. Experience their knowledge, relationships, and experience in matching sellers and buyers. You can as well experience the same in matching ideal capitalization and financing structure to every unique situation of the client.

Ares Security Corporation

The Ares Security Corporation is headquartered in Vienna. The organizations focus on protecting the most critical assets of the world. It safeguards every system operated by the transportation, government, nuclear and energy industries.

Corbel Structured Equity Partners

Corbel Capital Partners was founded in 2013. It is a structured investment fund making control investments in significant personally owned middle-market firms.

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Tim Armour: Getting The Best From Your Investment

Long-term managers ought to have the ability to identify value in various places to help their clients succeed. Tim Armour claims that smart managers research on firms and estimate or determine the prospects of those companies in the distant or near future.

Research that has been conducted by Capital Group shows that active funds that managers have invested a good amount of money in and have minimal expenses have always been able to beat their target. Tim adds that the industry is flooded with active managers who repeatedly beat their targets in the end.

Timothy Armour claims that a good manager or a financial advisor can help several individuals who have been caught in the financial stress of school fees, retirement, and mortgage to make a difference regarding their financial arrangement. Tim encourages investors to conduct thorough research when identifying reputable financial managers. He points out that the industry is endowed with plenty of active managers who are capable of helping investors achieve highly. Tim compares employing average managers to employing average lawyers or doctors. He insists that investors should look for managers who earn their keep.

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Tim Armour’s Career and Affiliations

Tim Armour is the chairman of the Capital Group Companies, chairman of Capital Group Management Committee, and the chairman and CEO of the Capital Research and Management Firm, Inc. He has worked for over 30 years with Capital Group, something that has made him deeply experienced in investment. While working as an equity investment analyst, Tim used to cover U.S. service corporations and global telecommunications. Tim started his career at Capital in the Associates Programs, where he was a participant. He studied at Middlebury College and graduated with a degree in Economics. Tim has affiliations with several organizations and institutions, including SMALLCAP, AMCAP Fund, Capital Income Builder, Discover Fund, and The New Economy Fund.

Solutions to Investment

Nexbank is associated with Nexbank Capital Inc. currently, Nexbank has been able to receive College Savings Bank of Princeton that is situated in New Jersey. The College Savings Bank has 529 strategy college savings services that it is working on. John Holt is the CEO as well as the president of Nexbank Capital, he specified that the New Jersey bank will be steady in its post as well as branding and also maintain their current jobs as an associate of Nexbank. College Savings Bank is in charge of the Arizona Family College Savings service-bank plan and also takes care of Indiana Choice CD 529 investment strategies.

Nexbank Capital is an organization that deals with financial services. The services are in three categories namely; Commercial Banking, Investment Banking and Mortgage Banking. The company is situated in Dallas, Texas. Nexbank has been able to maintain its good services and as a result named to be among the top and best banks in the US. The organization was found in the year 1934, furthermore the team members of the firm have also been increasing all over the years as well as to its other services.

The company is also in charge of counseling on financial matters and guiding various companies, investors, real estate and beginning businesses. Although it still maintains its business in mortgage banking, commercial banking and investment banking. Nexbank made a fast rise of income to their resources in the year 2015. It has excellent assets as well as resources making it clear that there has always been a good development over the years. In conclusion, Nexbank has been steady in helping customers through their growth in business.

Jason Hope: Champion For The Internet Of Things

Entrepreneur and technology commentator, Jason Hope, is a loud and influential voice on the tech scene. He’s made a clear mark on the industry, and has seen his opinions held in high esteem among followers of his craft.

His fondness for the Internet of Things, or the ability of devices to sync with one another, is shown in his public admiration. He’s written on the subject via the public platform, saying that it will someday streamline the business world, as well as our daily lives. He went on to say that it’s possible for these systems to be optimized by this possible universal ability. It has open applications in business operations, public transportation and household operations, to name a few.

Hope hails from Tempe, AZ, where he procured a degree in finance from Arizona State University. He then furthered his education with an MBA from the University’s Carey School of Business. Jason has grown strong roots in his hometown, where he runs a successful business consulting firm. He’s been involved in the state’s political system, as well as participating in many community driven activities.

Hope’s passion for the advancement of technology and humanity is truly admirable. In 2010, a donation of $500,000 was made to the SENS foundation by Hope. The donation was to be used in the research of age associated disease, as the philanthropist hopes to gain ground for humanity through technological advances. He hopes to see the IOT help change healthcare and biotechnology in the future as well.

Inspiring is the word that comes to mind when a tech-savvy college grad is put in the position to help the world. Jason Hope is not only a highly-regarded technology businessman, but one who will also give back to the world that he’s trying to make a better place.

Wessex Institute of Technology Journals

The Wessex Institute of Technology publishes journals on a variety of topics including but not limited to energy production and management, safety and security engineering as well as sustainable development and planning. Each journal is available online for free, however subscribers receive printed copies. Subscribers receive four to six printed copies a year depending on the journal. The International Journal of Environmental Impacts for example gives readers a glimpse into the discussions, and innovations of researchers around the world concerning environmental problems such as waste management. It also provides researchers with a forum to gain knowledge of current technologies and methodologies.  According to , the Journal of Energy Production and Management is another of the numerous journals available to readers. It covers all manner of energy research including power management. This is just a very brief sample of two of the journals available from The Wessex Institute; each of them provide a wealth of excellent information for free online.

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Igor Cornelsen provides the basics on Brazilian Banking

The anomaly at Brazillian banks left the banking world scratching its head. Brazil’s economy was troubled in 2014 as the country had no economic growth recorded under Rousseff’s populist policies on Banks are typically known to suffer from such kind of situations globally. The two top private banks in Brazil Banco Bradesco and Itau Unibanco saw shares rise by one-third in the year 2014. The two banks both recorded profit increase Bradesco by 28%, and Itaus net was the highest by 36%. Investment expert and a top Brazillian banker Igor Cornelsen in an interview with CNBC stated that the secret lies behind knowledge of the market and vast experience experienced over other turbulent years.

Brazil continues to be the most attractive market in South America due to the increasing need of infrastructure development that will be able to support the ever growing population. Igor Cornelsen finds that many investors are in full support of the Brazilian banking.

Igor Cornelsen asserted that as Brazil is the largest economy and ranked number 8 in the worldwide economy, there are ten major state and privately owned investment and commercial banks. Igor Cornelsen also suggested that the appointment of Joaquim Levy as finance minister has brought hope for Brazillian banks on Crunchbase. His opinion on fiscal reforms is a stock opposite of President Rousseff’s populist ideals. With a background at the IMF and a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago, he is considered a shrewd policymaker and a friend in a government that is otherwise unwelcoming. Exports of industrialized goods in Brazil lost competitiveness and has created huge current accounts deficit.

Over the last two years, the Brazil government made a move to sell dollar swaps to their local markets so as to avoid a fast depreciation of the real at Cornelsen warns that although Joaquim appointment is hopeful, whether or not the economic reform would go into effect has yet to be seen.

It is expected that the new regime will be less of interventionist, and consequently, the devaluation of the real will continue but at a regulated pace. This will cause an upward trend on investments in the industry making the export of finished goods from Brazil more competitive.

Why People Have Changed Their Lives With Dr. Jennifer Walden

People don’t often go to the doctor for a life changing event, but Dr. Jennifer Walden’s patients do. As an award winning, board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Walden changes people’s lives every day. She provides an opportunity for people to physically change their bodies, leading to better health and higher self-esteem.


Dr. Walden’s History of Hard Work

Dr. Walden is one of the most sought-after plastic surgeons in the country. She has appeared in numerous magazines and journals and is a regular guest on many television programs. But she didn’t begin at the top; she achieved what she had by doing many hours of study and hard work. Her success is a testament to her strong family and Texan upbringing.

She began her academic career at The University of Texas at Austin where she received her BA in Biology and graduated with honors. She was accepted to the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston and graduated with her medical degree in 1998. She completed her plastic surgery residency in Galveston and received an Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. She practiced in New York before moving back home to Austin, so her sons could be closer to their family.


Areas of Expertise

Dr. Walden’s office offers a wide range of services. She is so popular that people fly in from around the country for her advice and treatment. Her areas of expertise are:


  • Facial surgery
  • Hair restoration
  • Breast augmentation/reduction
  • Laser treatments
  • Radiofrequency
  • Non-invasive vaginal rejuvenation
  • Injectables


Her office is staffed with trained and experienced professionals. Dr. Jennifer Walden’s patient philosophy is to promote health and improve self-esteem through a personalized approach to cosmetic surgery.


Sam Boraie: Putting Up Buildings and Creating Better Communities:

For years, Sam Boraie and his company, Boraie Development LLC, have undertaken projects meant to breath new life into the city of New Brunswick, New Jersey. These include One Spring Street, a luxury apartment high rise, Albany Street Plaza with its office and retail space, and the Aspire apartment complex. But Boraie’s commitment to the community goes beyond building new places for people to live, work, and shop. He also believes in building a better community through the charitable organizations he is involved with.

Boraie is a member of the board of Elijah’s Promise. According to Rutgers magazine, this charity group’s focus is feeding the hungry throughout the New Brunswick area. Along with preparing and serving meals to those in need, it also offers training to people in culinary arts and baking so they can find work in the food industry. The public can also attend cooking classes put on by Elijah’s Promise. Formed in 1989, the group serves roughly 100,000 meals per year.

Along with helping the hungry, Boraie is also committed to strengthening the artistic community in New Brunswick. He is part of the board of trustees for the State Theatre of New Jersey. The theater puts on concerts, plays, and other events throughout the year. For the summer, Boraie’s company will sponsor free movie screenings for local children on weekdays.

Sam Boraie’s goal is to revitalize New Brunswick and turn it into an economic hub for the state. His projects like the One Spring Street and the Aspire allow hundreds of people to live in luxury apartment and condo units with a variety of amenities. Albany Street Plaza provides office space for universities and medical businesses, and is conveniently located next to the train station. While his company is based in New Brunswick, Boraie has undertaken other projects throughout New Jersey. The Estates at Waverly Place consists of homes on one-acre lots just outside Princeton. The Beach at South Inlet has 250 condo units in Atlantic City next to the boardwalk and the ocean. Boraie’s latest project is One Rector Street, a 23 story building which will be the first high rise built in the city since 1960.

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